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Think long and hard before coming here


Think long and hard before coming here


My school is located near in a great area near stores and restaurants. It is a beautiful campus that is well protected by security. In the summer, the beautiful grounds are covered with flowers and in the winter the beautiful white snow. I enjoyed the campus feeling of being at home.


Saint Xavier University is different from other schools because they have very small class sizes, which allows for more one on one time. With that, I feel more like a student rather than just another face in a big lecture hall. With more one on one time, I am getting a better education since it will be easier to get help if I have problems with anything. I also noticed that SXU has a very high percent of graduates having a full-time job, even in this economy, and that set SXU above other schools to me.


The best part is there are many unique and small opportunities to take advantage off. The school is easily accessible to downtown Chicago, and offers rides and sometimes free tickets to great events happening in Chicago. For example, theater plays, improv shows, and Chicago Bulls games. The more you get involved the better you'll be off at SXU. Also, I feel the small classroom sizes make for a better learning environment. Most professors are really there to teach you and help you in any way needed, as long as your willing to learn and actively listen.


Saint Xavier is unique because it focus' on a small population of people and everyone knows everyone on campus. The basketball games and football games arent that big and also the class size is small as well. Which in my experience is really nice.


It is a very small school, but it stands out nationally for the proper things. For example for being enviormentally good, with the Green bike program, the healthy food choices, and the state of the art dorms on campus. Not to metion the acedemics that come along with the university. It makes the school stand out with some of the other big names in the state of illnois.


Saint Xavier is very well-known to the community. The people living around and near Saint Xavier are usually really involved in the school.


The campus is like a big, beautiful park.


It's close to my house and where i've taken irish dance lessons since first grade, so i can still irish dance at my dance school. didn't have to transfer dance schools.


it is small, yet diverse and students seem happy


I think Saint Xavier provides a closer knit community than other Chicago or big state schools are able to provide to its student body. It's nice to see familiar faces everyday on campus.


Our school is very community-based. There are two high schools on our campus, one is a private all male school and the other is a private all female school. There are also many grammar schools in the local area. The university is open to the community and allows the community to use the facilities. The university also has a Renaissance Group, which is elderly people coming in as students to take classes.


Small classerooms that allow students to get one on one interaction with professors.

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