Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Some of the most popular activities and campus groups are the LGBTQ Alliance, Tangled Up (the knitting/arts and crafts club), and social justice groups. Students join these groups to get involved in social issues, often planning service trips to help those in need here in the US and elsewhere. We do not have any fraternities or sororities on campus except for the honors/business professional fraternities. It is a dry campus, so alcohol is not allowed, but we still have a lot of fun doing activities sponsored by Student Affairs and Campus Life. It's exciting to always know there's something to do on campus on any given night.


Students are very diverse. It is defiantly a place of mixed culture and different backgrounds. People get along though despite different races, religions, social class and whatever other classification you can think of. The only student that would feel left out I think is the party and club scene people, but if you are going to college for partying and clubbing you might want to reconsider going here. Move on, I believe most of the student are from Illinois and are probably within a 3 hour car ride home and I think most are upper to middle class. Another point to bring up is about the politically awareness at the school. Overall I would say it is slightly above average, but not by much. I don’t see too often people reading the papers but there are politically clubs and such. Sometimes students organize petitions for a political reason. The students get along well together. I have never seen a fight breakout and in my three and half years attending the SXU I think I have only heard about one or two serious fights.


Sports, newspaper, and radio are really the most popular groups on campus. There are many major-based groups also. New groups are being started every week, so there is always a group for you! And if there isn't, you can create one!


There are tons of student organizations on campus that put on programs. There is at least one thing a week going on, usually more.

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