Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What do students complain about most?


Food. Food. Food. There are not many options to get food. The only late night food place we had was closed despite huge opposition from students. This year, a subway and starbucks have been added though. The hours are pretty good. Unfortunately, after 11pm there is no available on campus food. Also, the food is not the greatest and there are not a lot of different options. In our diner, there is a breakfast section that is there all of the time; a salad bar; sandwich station; the "carvery" which has different meats and vegan meals daily; the grill with burgers, fries, hot dogs...; and of course the pizza station. Unfortunately, pizza is only served for lunch. The sandwiches and specialty salads are pretty good though!


The food, the lack of events,and the apathy.

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