Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag mostly about my Professors, my friends who go to huge schools often complain that their proffessors have no idea who they are. I like to brag that not only do my Professors know who I am but I have also had countless meatings or conversations with them and that I actually have a good relationship with all of them as well.


The professors and staff are wonderful! The feeling of community and family is easy to see and feel. You are not a number and people really care about what happens to you, from the cleaning crew to the president.


I tell my friends about how helpful the teachers are and how you can develop a great relationship with them due to the class sizes. Also, the teachers are very easy to contact whenever I have questions or problems with any assignments or things like that. The school also has a great intermural program with all kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball and softball, along with team sports like the SXU football team. Its a great school for people who want to get an education and be a part of something, and have an overall enjoyable experience at school.


I liked the atmosphere and the teachers. The adult students were great also.


That it is close to the city and the professors enjoy what they do.


sxu paw prints. the dance team. we freakin rock : ) too bad we're considered a "club activity" and we don't get much funding so we do fund raising on ouw own to compete at nationals.


The great and brand new dorm buildings and the access we have to our professors in each class.


The small living community is great! The oncampus apartments are beautiful. The safety is phenomenal. The environment is clean and safe. It is a good place to live and work in!


Saint Xavier has such a beautiful campus that you can't help but show it off to your friends. Most of my friends campuses are set square in the city and their school is basically a building. Sometimes you'll find people in the community bringing their kids or dogs to walk around; the campus has an amazing scenery. It's a highly noted school known for its academics, so wherever I go and I'm asked about my school, people are always impressed.


The classes are small so one is able to get more personal with their professors.


Saint Xavier has a very respectable nursing program. Health care facilities offer us clinical placements knowing they will get the best out of SXU nursing students. Faculty members at the School of Nursing are very knowledgeable and professional yet remain friendly. I feel as if I could not get a better education anywhere else.

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