Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who's career goal is to become a doctor.


I think that anyone can attend this school. It is a diverse school and they offer many different majors. Everyone is welcoming and there is a lot of help for everything from health to school help.


I believe that a person that is not willing to sacrafice their social life over studying should not attend this school. I also believe that a person that loves big crowds should not attend this school because saint xavier is a small school. In addition, a person that is not willing to work hard and build realtionships with teachers should not attend this school.


people who are quiet and dont like to talk to other people. people who want huge parties


People that want to get lost in a crowd


Those interested in learning


Someone who wants to go to a large party school or doesn't want to work too hard. The faculty here will make you work hard, but you're having so much fun doing it, that it hardly seems like work. You will be amazed at all you learn.

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