Saint Xavier University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it is very diverse both in students and faculty. The diversity found within the students and faculty allowed me to enhance my learning experiences. As a nursing student, diversity is an part of learning and in the ability to successfully provide quality care to patients and their families.


Our campus has a beautiful chapel, since it is a catholic school. All religions are accepted there. We also have beautiful landscaping and our own lake.


I consider the professors and staff to be the best thing about my school. After all, what would any college be without it's staff? Of course, there are some really strict professor, but the vast majority of the staff and professors I've met were very helpful, kind and available. I feel as though most of my accomplishments are owed to their dedication in helping student like myself who sometimes need a better clarification of the subject.


It is small and intimate. It is easy to get from one end to another, so short breaks between classes usually are not stressful. Plus all of the dorms have something different to offer.


Small, nice, eviroment, and professors are always willing to help students when needed.


The friendlyness of the faculity and staff. They are always encouraging and willing to assist whenever needed.


The diversity of people and clubs because without that, our school may not be as diverse as it is.


The classes are smaller than at a typical university, so there is more one-on-one with the professors and you know your classmates better.


My school is not to big or to small. At sxu you really have a chance to know and talk to evrybody.

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