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At Salem College, any women, no matter what she has been through, or who she has been in the past, can flourish in her own way. Not having to deal with any type of discrimination, on our campus we are able to come together as one (literally, for it is a small campus) and help one another become who we want to be. Also, our campus being so small, you can join any club, sports team, etc. that your heart desires, and you are able to become more diverse in this small, loving community.


My school is unique in that it is much smaller than the other schools I considered, therefore, the interaction between teacher and student is more evident. A closer connection is made and this eventually leads to doing better in classes because the teachers really help.


Salem College is a historic campus and one of the oldest women's colleges in the US. However, this isn't always a good thing. A lot of problems with technology arise and there are a lot of things that are still done here by paper (i.e. registration for classes). But Old Salem is beautiful and has a lot of good qualities such as the Moravian community and older architecture.


Salem College is the oldest educator of women in the United States. Salem is based on the strong Moravian values of equality. Salem places special value on interships and job training as well as opening up its students to a world perspective by placing strong emphasis on study abroad programs. Salem College is not perfect however they are the first to recognize their faults and address them as well as institute programs to help the College become better. Salem College is as personal as it gets.


Salem has a very close community. All of our Aulumi's always returns to Salem to inspire us that we can do anything we put our minds to. We even had Maya Angelou's neice attended Salem and she returned to talk to us and it was so special that Maya Angelou showed up to watch. It was a great experience!


This college is a Women's college only. The women here have the opportunity to continue their education without disruption. We can open ourselves up without the scorn of males. We find our independence and our own voices. We can go to class in pajamas and sweat pants/shirts and not feelthe least bit degraded for not "primping." We are a small community, we are close, but strong when we stand together. We are women, not girls.


It has a huge network of alumna and they are all very connected to Salem, whether through giving money, helping with internships, or attending events.