Salem College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Salem College?


If your going to go to school be serious about it because there is alot of studying involved.


The class sizes are really small which helps me maintain good grades, there is lots of motivation and basically all the students know everyone.


Salem is the first womens learning institution in America. Salem prides itself on their sucessful women


How strong,opininated and outspoken the women here can be. How engaging my professors are into my studies and knowledge of the material discussed. How I do not have to travel more than five minutes to get to a class. How the class lectures are overwhelming beneficial to the understanding of the material. Finding people just as dedicated to their studies as I am, and finding characteristics in other people that match who I am. Being accepted into the community.


Mostly how expensive it is to go here, and the caliber of education I'm receiving here. Also that this school is a jumping off point to enter the prestigious Ivy schools.


Its the oldest all womens college in the nation


Everything. I love my professors, my classes, my campus, the size of the school, the atmosphere on campus, my peers. Everything.