Salem College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Salem College? Why?


The worst thing about Salem is once you get on campus, the people who seemed so helpful before seem a lot less helpful. For a small college, it takes a long time for issues to get resolved or even dealt with. With the exception of my admissions counselor, there aren't many faculty members here who are willing to truly help you. They may go through the motions so they can say they helped you, but when it comes down to if there was progress made, there usually isn't.


One of the worst aspects of Salem College is the administration's use of funds. As a historical college and tourist attraction, Salem spends much of its money on tending to the appearance of the buildings and grounds. As a student with great financial need, I feel that much of the funds spent on cosmetics for the campus could go toward scholarship awards. Money spent on repainting the shutters every year could go toward financial aid. I wish the school would invest more money in its students rather than the appearance of its campus.


The cost does not equal services provided.