Salem College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Salem College know before they start?


As a college student now, I would tell my high-school self to be an overachiever in everything but, my main point of advice would be confidence. Confidence is essential in being successful in your goals because with it you can achieve anything. Along with that, I would tell myself that I need to show demonstrability as a female and not be threatened by male-dominated careers. At the beginning of high school, I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon but after research I discovered that females rarely existed in this field because it was “more suited for men”. As a female with low self-esteem, I was threatened by this and changed by career option. Now attending college, I have learned that gender is not something that can hold you back from achieving your goals, only you can. I would tell myself to have self-confidence that I can achieve anything despite my gender and to view being female as an advantage that fuels motivation to prove to others the female capability as an orthopedic surgeon and contradict the stereotypical conclusions that females aren’t “acceptable” in this career because, now this is what I’m pursuing in college.


Study hard, because your future depends on it. There is plenty of help at college never be afraid ask for help.


Take Facebook with a large grain of salt. What you see on there is what people want you to see. Social media lies. If it doesn’t work out it's alright. Everything you encounter is a learning experience. You can always try something new. Don't rely on other people for your happiness. The only way to carry happiness with you throughout life is to find it in yourself. Focus on the things that give you joy. Be the person who points out the good. The more positive energy you emit, the more positive energy you will absorb. And you'll like being around yourself a lot more. Don't let comparison rob you of joy. All comparison has negative intentions. You and your experiences are completely different from everyone else’s. Remember to take time to breath every day. Good, intentioned inhalations and exhalations. Bring more hangers than you think you’ll need. Engage yourself. Write in lists because you (and I) are fond of lists.


If I could meet myself in my senior year of high school, and I was able to give myself advice I would tell myself the secrets to having a succesful first year of college at a school we would both thoroughly enjoy. I would tell myself that I should try, and visit every school I could, and to apply to as many scholarships as possible no matter how long it would take or the effort I would need to put in. I would tell myself to jump headfirst into any school activity that catches my fancy, and to find those group of friends who had the same motivaton to succeed as myself. The last piece of advice I would give myself would be to invest in good habits such as getting as many hours of sleep as I could.


Don't sweat the small things. Through my experience in college I have learned a thing or two about time and the transition to adulthood, and any transition for that matter. Any thing you do in life that you aren't particularly accustomed to is going to take a little bit of adjusting. Everyone is a little scared at first going in to something new, but we look back and find our fears to have been boistorous in comparison to the minute situation. Considering how long we are all on this earth for, four years in college is only a tiny piece of the life that we live, and it is nothing to be afraid of. Instead of spending your time worrying about how things are going to pan out, what if I don't fit in, am I going to make good grades, one should focus on the bigger things in life. Living life to the fullest and doing your best is what is important, and is the only thing that will make a difference.


Prior to my high school graduation, I turned down two opportunities to participate in our Fall Semester theatrical performances--one a play and one a musical--due to busy class and work schedules. Although I regretted the choices I was forced to make, it was a feeling that passed quickly once I got caught up in the rush of finals and college applications. I have always been drawn to theater work, but I figured my life work should be focused in a different avenue. When I came to Salem College, I jumped headfirst into every activity on campus: I ran for (and was elected to be) Class President, I was on the cross country team, I joined almost every club available, and I auditioned--and was casted--in the Fall Theater Production. Nothing has swept me more off my feet then performing on stage, and I wish I had experienced this before college solely for the purpose of enjoying such activities earlier on in my life. But Salem College provided me with the opportunity to become a part of the Performance Arts family, and for that I am greatful to the fullest.


Before coming to Salem, I thought college was simply about receiving a “textbook” education. But soon after arriving, I discovered that my college education would exceed far beyond the four walls of the classroom and into the four corners of the earth. I’ve learned that my education does not stop after class ends, my education continues on from everyday simple conversations to attending community events. Here, I am able to truly learn about the world as well as learn different ways to become active and involved.


What I got out of my college experience was lots of multi-faceted preparation that gave me a proper foundation to meet many of life's challenges. In addition to achieving desired goals required in major and minor fields of study, I also gained the necessary skills to impart that knowledge to learners on different levels in and out of the the public school arena. As a result , I was selected County Teacher of the Year twice and was a Governor Terry Sanford state finalist for innovations and creativity in education. The receipt of such awards, along with many others, can definitely be attributed to my invaluable college experience. More importantly, my school provided ample opportunities for me to interact with classmates/schoolmates from different cultures and to further learn to always know and appreciate uniqueness. It is from this premise that I approach all I encounter in life whether in a classroom or world class.


The experience changed my views on life in a way I never thought imaginable. I used to be intimidated by the thought of going back to school. Now I have a 4.0 and my mind is opening more and more everyday to the different aspects of my career choice. I enjoy the people that I come into contact with on a daily basis. it is very important to stay involved. I've never been more excited about my future than I am right now. I want my progress to lead me to an awesome future.


I have learned so much while attending college so far. The ways I use to study in high school do not apply to same way in college. I have learned that to maintain good grades in college, I have to put a lot of effort into all the work I do. Attendance to classes is very important as well because I have realized that if you miss a few classes it can really effect your grade. I think attending college is one of the most important things for a person. It is becoming harder for people just out of high school to get well paid jobs. If you have a college degree, you are more likely to have a better paying job. I have learned so much from attending college and I can not even imagine what more I will learn as I continue my education.