Salem College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Because of the size and attitude of the school it often seems like high school. They hold a lot of events meant to be fun and inclusive, but really just turn into imidating high school events, such as gym dances and sing-alongs.


I wish I had known what the environment was like, what the dorms would look like, and the campus . If I had there's is a big chance that I would not have gone to the school I did go to.




I wish I had known that the only languages offered here are Spanish and French. I had been told that Chinese and perhaps Urdu would be added by the 2010-2011 academic year, but that was all just speculative guesses. I also wish I had been informed of how difficult it would be to transfer, should I find that Salem is perhaps not the right school for me. The courses are so "unique" that they often count for little to no credit at other universities, making transferal a large hinderance. Financial aid is ridiculously tight as well.


Before deciding to attend Salem, I wish I had known about the student facilities on campus. For instance, on campus we have the writing center (WC). At the WC, students volunteer to edit essays, papers, and applications for fellow students. Any Salem student can stop by the WC and have their peers help look over their work before it is due. I did not know the WC existed until one of my professors suggested I take my essay there to be edited. The WC is a helpful tool and I wish I had known about it sooner in the semester.


Before coming to Salem College, I wish I had known how many friends I would make. I never thought I would find as many girls on campus that I would learn to see as my sisters.


The class structure. I am an adult student and Salem College is extremely open to adult students however the grade and participation expectations are the same as those of traditional students. I wish that I had beed as focused on my career goals when I began as I am now. The students, adult and tradional, reach out to each other that makes the stress of reentering college less of an issue.


Before I came to Salem I wish that i would have learned more study skills. In high school I didn't learn that many study habits because I have always been a visual learner. But there are resources on my campus that was able to help me and teach me different study habits. Now I have the study skills I need to succeed.


That there is more emphasis given to traditional students wellfare than the "adult" (over 23, even by one day) students. If you are an adult student who is looking to participate in on-campus activities you are on your own. However, with a bit of hard work, you can wiggle your way into nearly every student organization the Trads manage.