Salem College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small atmosphere allows for close connections with other students, professors, and deans which gives an advantage when applying to differnt applications or graduate schools. The best thing about going to a small community , particularly all female, is the ability to know your professors directly and them know you by name rather than number. Considerable going to an all female school isn't viewed as desirable by many, but for students focused primarily on education and sucess, the ability to have more confidence in your school work and ability reaches its full potential in an less pressured atmosphere.


Small classroom sizes ensure a personal connection with your professors. In turn, the professors know students by name and work alongside us in a learning environment.


I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Winston-Salem State University. I did not see it listed , so I hit Salem to be able to move from that section. What I consider the best thing about my school was the genuine expectation for excellence from every student regardless of his/her race. As a predominantly black school, noone was given a pass simply because of the color of skin. I sensed no racism or prejudices. The general school environment made you want to be somebody because you were treated like sombody - with dignity and respect.


The best thing aout Salem College is the beautiful small campus that provides tremendous education and easy access to teachers. Salem college has a 1:11 ratio with one teacher to about 11 students which gives students a better in class experience.


What I love about Salem College is the fact the classes are so small . The teachers and staff are all so eager to help you succeed.


There are so many great things about Salem so that it is hard for me to narrow it down. One of the best things is that the campus is very open and supportive to each young woman and often encourages these ideals. Salem's professors are driven to provide the students with strong morals and academics that will be extremely helpful upon graduation. Each professor is highly skilled and experienced in his or her areas and provide students the skills necessary to succeed.