Salem State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Salem State is an intimate, diverse campus where anyone of any background can thrive academically, professionally, and socially.


Washington University provides an open, diverse, and rigerous learning environment, while also encouraging students to enrich themselves through community involvement.


Salem State is fun and really allowed me to open up to a lot of people.


Its kind of a dump - the schol doesn't much care for students needs -slow to respond to problems. A very below average college experience.


This school is a liberal arts college dedicated to teacher education and populated mostly by commuting students.


Salem State College is a small, community-based school filled with diverse students, both in culture and major, and with various events held by school organizations, creating a welcoming environment and an engaging campus.


Salem State campus is small but the people here have big personalities.


it is inexpensive compared to other colleges, and i feel i am getting a great education there.


Salem State is a great school for what they charge; as it is a State School there are some things that are a bit lacking, but overall it's a great place to start an education.


Salem State College is every good thing you ever heard about college without the fat, the college of your dreams without the jaw-dropping price tag, the friends you make and never lose, the laughter you tell your kids about, the teachers you'll never forget, the place you always wanted to be, the reason you went to college, and most of all it becomes the reason you succeed afterwards.