Salem State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the campus diversity and the activity on campus. Each year the campus is known for their many things they do for example our walk for hospice, and various community service days. Also a lot of the campus diversity comes from the many programs. All of the programs on our campus serve to helping students get involved in the city and give everybody a chance to be their self. So basically one thing we are best known for is having a strong campus.


Salem State University is best known for it's outstanding residence life program. Moving from a home lifestyle to a campus with hundreds of other students can be quite intimidating. Through programs that keep students active with their community, this transition is made much easier. The staff are incredibly well trained and educated and know how to make a wary student feel comfortable and confident.


Salem State College is best known for being a nursing and education major school. This school is also known for it diversity.


Salem state College is best known fro its out standing academic curriculum and the help they provide the students with. It has a great way of providinng students withthe type of need they have and the type of necessity a person might be in need. As college of the state it also has a really good afortable cost to assist this college.


Great professors who are willing to help you if you ask.


It has a decent Theater program which is why i am there. Otherwise i would never have gone here. And it is cheap for college


Salem State is most widely known for their awesome Nursing program and their Criminal Justice Program. The Nursing program is very competitive and very difficult to get into but Salem State is respected for its good Nursing program and many hospitals prefer this degree over other competing schools. It is also known for its historic location, right in the heart of Salem, MA. City of the Salem Witch Trials!


Theater and nursing


it's best known for being a suitcase campus; it's practicully empty on weekends. it's also well known for location being in salem which is the witch capital of the country.


the business program


It is best known for its Nursing and Education programs. Students flock to Salem State College for these fields, often filling up both majors months in advance. Most of the student body is pursuing a career in nursing or teaching, often with double majors or minor concentrations. It's allure lies in the province of having well-balanced and varied studies, bringing multiple studies together, eventually achieving a rounded and cultured degree. It is therefore known for diversity and promise.


Our theater, english, and art programs, and being diverse. Alot of people overlook our college but we have university standards and are an incredible place to get your education at.


the salem witch trials...also the nursing and business program


Being in the twon of Salem, around halloween the atmosphere get pretty good.


Salem State College is a mixing pot. There are so many things to do. If you work hard you can learn whatever you want and will do well.