Salem State University Top Questions

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There are so many different kinds of people, and everyone generally accepts people the way they are. Being in the Theatre Department, you get many ranges of sexualities, views, and imaginations. It makes every day different, new, and exciting. I wouldn't have it any other way.


I like the city atmosphere and it has a lot of historical virtue. There is always something to do around the area and is just a fun and comfortable place to be. There is a lot of diversity and a lot of people to meet.


Our campus buildings are spread out and away from eachother. If you drive around the campus you will mostly see students walking to and from classes. Salem State is real close to my house. Students will hangout anywhere on their laptop whether its in the hall or at Dunkin Donuts. Theres multiple computer labs rather than just one big one.


Its very racist. The professors favor no one because they are not concerned with the well being of the students. At a glance it will seem as if the school is worth the money but while you're there you hate it. No one enjoys the school because it is strict and allows for no activities.


What is unique about Salem State College is the diversity of students. over 50 percent of students like myself are transfer students.


It is a very diverse college and it's not too big. There's all kinds of majors that students can pursue. Professors and advisors are always there to help you when you need it. They love what they're doing and they're passionate about what they're teaching. Most of the students are commuter students so it's very easy to meet and get along with classmates.


Salem State College is a big commuter school. I really only looked into it for the nursing program. It is known for its nursing program and they keep they're students very interested. It wasn't as expensive as other schools that I had looked at. So with the great nursing program reputation and the not so expensive tuition,I decided this would be the best school for me.


I like how it is not in the middle of no where, the people, and the students of disabilities program.


It's a tight community that helps you feel welcomed even if you are an out of state student who knows nobody when you came to this state, like me. They exaggerate community and the groups and clubs make it possible. Lack of a fraternity/sorority makes the campus also feel more inclusive and open minded as a whole.


If you fit in it's got a very friendly community. Everyone seems to get along, but that's if you're happy here.


I chose my school based almost entirely on it's nursing program. The major here is very well-respected and the graduates from it go on to amazing nursing jobs in the Boston area and all over the country. I chose Salem State because it was one of the most affordable and well -respected programs in this area of the country.


the teachers really care about the students. they want you to learn.


Our school is very connected. Every department both academic, social, and the residence halls all work together.


halloween is very fun. also very diverse


It has one of the best nursing programs in this school. Very difficult yet so rewarding.


I love how the school is near the coast, and that you can smell the ocean. I love how pretty it is when the leaves change color. However, it is most unique because of the Salem witch trials which happened in the 1600s. Everyone comes to visit around Halloween. I have even seen people with California plates. Even people from different countries come to visit around that time of year.