Salem State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is always construction being done on-campus. The meal plan costs a lot.


I commute to school and my main arguement is the commute. Driving through Salem is dreadful no matter what time of day it is.


The food service gets boring and the city all but shuts down after 11pm.


The worst thing about my school has to be the availability of information about campus opportunities. You have to know where to look for scholarship applications, on-campus jobs, and other activities at the school. It was not untill the first semester of my sophmore year that I found out how to search for and apply for both.


The worst thing that I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the food truthfully, I been to different schools and the number one thing that had me was the food. Not only were the schools good but the food completed my experience. So Salem's food is the worst!


Honestly the food in the lower cafe area is all that great but there are other places to eat.


Well as so far the school has nothing bad.


I have a hard time pinpointing a negative thing about my school but I guess I would have to say the availabilty of some of the courses. As an art major I'm required to take certain classes and often times those classes are full so it makes it hard to get the classes I need.


I believe the worst thing in regards to my school would have to be the parking situation.


how most credits dont transfer over


all of the campusus are spread out so you can only get there by shuttle bus, and the major lack of housing


The parking. The is not enough parking on campus, and because there are not enough dorms on campus, this has become a 'commuter school'. Finding parking is awful, especially since the largest parking lot is by the O'Keefe Gymnasium, but when it rains in the area, the parking lot tends to flood.


The worst thing is the parking situation because there is not enough.




The Shuttle Service, parking, and chartwells food


There is not enough parking. Some of the buildings need to be renovated and it is difficult to graduate in four years. Academic advising needs improvement.


The majority of students commute and there is little to no activity on the weekends.


The on-campus housing. Two years are guarunteed but after that it was a lottery system. This will not be a problem much longer however; as they are currently building another huge residence hall. Sadly I'll be long since graduated when it is completed. I would have loved to live on campus all four years so this is the worst thing about my school.


That its not easy for commuters considering its a commuter school. Everyone has trouble parking in the mornings, the food is horrible on campus, no one ever stays on the weekends. There are alot of better state schools in Massachusetts.


I hate how there is nothing to do here on the weekends.


The price of books, it is supposed to be a state school so it draws kids who are looking to save money by going there. But the books are more expensive then schools like BU, to name one


The worst thing about Salem State College is that there is no social aspect of school. Looking in the cafeteria more people are sitting alone than are sitting with friends. People come to this school just to do work, and go home.


honestly i dont have one....salem state is top notch for my major.