Salem State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


someone interested in a liberal arts education who wants to experience a campus that is surrounded by neighborhoods but close to a major city. Salem state also offers more physical science like geology or geography that not many schools offer. The classes tend to be small depending on the major and professors are helpful.


Someone that is concerned with getting in and out. If you attend this school you must be driven to find your own opportunities because the school does not help you. It is obvious that the schools best interests are not the students- which is why literally everyone hates it. It is a step up from community college but that is it.


Anyone interested in a liberal arts education with an emphasis on teacher education. Also, it is conveniently located and an easy commute from many surrounding communities, so anyone interested in living away from home but noit necessarily in a dormatory environment would benefit from this location.


Anyone who is looking for a career in nursing, criminal justice, and education.


people who like smaller schools


This is a very diverse school any one could and should attend.




Independent, artistic,


Any kind, there really is no target group of people. Good school for all.


Absolutely anyone and everyone fit in here. Because we don't have frats or sororities nobody is discriminated against, youre friends with everyone


Someone who is open minded and wants to meet people. Someone who enjoys school and will focus on their schoolwork.


Anyone who wants to learn and get a great edution