Salem State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Salem State University?


To say that a certain kind of person shouldn't attend this university would be cruel. I'd say that virtually anyone could attend this school. I see many different people from many different lifestyles on this campus. Their creed, background, how they were in high school, etc. shouldn't necessarily cause one to deny them of the education provided at Salem State University.


Severely Right-winged, straigh edged.


Possibly a city person who likes the weekend and night life at a college. Salem State is still a large commuter school, and many students leave the campus after regular classes and many others leave over the weekend. The downtown area might leave much to be desired for those types of people as well, though I personally am not that kind of person and actually like these conditions.


I think this school is for the student who wants to get away from home but not too far. The reason I say that is most of the students who attend this school are looking to get away from their town and join a campus family that they feel best fits them. I think this school is the perfect place for someone to make long lasting friendships with people that are similar to them, because there are so many diverse groups of people who live on this campus and all interact with each other.


I think this school fits all personality types. Students should really consider their major and check out the programs Salem State offers for that major.


Salem State College is a medium campus with the feel of a small campus. If you're looking for a large campus feel then SSC isn't the school for you. The school is set right in the city of Salem so if you're looking for a school in a more rural area SSC also isn't for you.


This is a very diverse school any one could and should attend.


Salem State offers alot of different majors, so it could be a good school for many students. However, it is a state school and people may think that it is too big for them, and they wish to attend a private, smaller school. Therefore, someone who wants to attend a small or private school should not attend Salem State. Also if they do not like the city, Salem State is not the place for them.


A person looking to find something more out of life. Someone who is looking for a party school. Someone who wants to study film or related field.


Someone who doesn't want to try hard in class and pay attention because the class sizes are very small so it's easy to be caught not paying attention. Also, the classes are based mostly on work you do outside of class for class discussions so if you don't want to do the outside work you may feel lost during a discussion.