Salem State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hi there! I'm sure you're excited to be filling out applications for college right about now (except, you're probably not.) I'm sure you're also enjoying your final year as a high school student. It's good you don't seem nervous about headed off to college, which is great, because there's nothing for you to lose sleep over. You will thrive academically just as you are doing right now as a high school senior. You will definitely encounter many different characters on this campus. Some are good encounters, others are not. This is merely a microcosm of how your life will generally be. Your college experience, regardless of what school you choose to attend, is exactly what you make of it. If you choose to simply focus on the negative, then your experience will be bitter. But if you choose to focus on the positives while accepting the negatives of where you are, you will find that you'll have a small degree of rich, worthy life experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Trust yourself: You know that you will do well out there.


College is what you make of it: seize all the opportunities! Balance, balance, balance: eating vegetables and exercising are not healthy to forget Take random classes; you may find a new passion Communicate: Say what you mean in a straight-forward manner Get to know yourself: What do you want from college? Where do you see yourself? Do not be so afraid: Be brave and bold! Meet new people Make a list of goals you want to accomplish on-campus (for example, find the underground tunnels or go to the observatory) Go out once a month with friends and explore the city Attend classes and professor's office hours: Do not be intimidated by professors! They are there to help you. Take thorough notes Always have back-up chocolate supplies!


Brandy this is the time that may seem like it is time for a bunch of fun and party time, but if you sit back and think about it in 5-10 years where do you see yourself? Think about it, It's your a senior now on your way to college do you think partying will always be the life? Going to college will be an opportunity of a life time that many never get a chance to see. When you graduate from high school thats when the beginning of an adult starts. It's called accountablility and responsibility. Take this time to really figure out what's important. Think about the vaules and morals you will one day want to teach your children. Take this time to take control of your life and steer it in any direction you want. Get all the education and knowledge that you can get you owe that to yourself. College offers so many opportunities and will take you to places you never thought you would go. Set an example in life pay the way for the next generation after you. Teach them that knowledge is everything.


Don't be afraid to just walk up to a group of people and sit down. You can always just sit in silence for a while and listen, or you could contribute to the conversation. Don't forget that learning doesn't just take place in the classroom, it takes place in the halls, in the dorm rooms, in the dining halls and anywhere else that there are people who are different from yourself. Take chances, and try something new. Push yourself to do something that you are afraid of, because once you accomplish it, you can do anything. Always do what makes you truely happy, and spread that peace to those around you.


i would tell myself to take high school very seriously. college is no joke and is very exspensive. when you go to college you should do your very best because what you accomplish in college will most likely affect you the rest of your life. high school determines what college you will get accepted to. it determies if you will be able to achieve your future goals. also start applying for scholorships too. they will help you in the long run. make good grades so you can get hope scholorships and get into a good college.


not to be too concerned with picking out a major. take classes that interest you and you'll figure it out from there. Get involved with your classes and once you decide on a major, get involved with the department.


First I would have to tell myself to lighten up. College is fun and it doesn't have to be as stressful as everyone makes it out to be. There is no need to be shy because there are tons of other students just like you that are going to be experiencing something new. The independence is a great, a sense of freedom, yet it needs to be handled with responsibility. There isn't really anyone to watch out for you every second. You have to do things for yourself and make sure you get to class on time. The professors don't really care if you show up to class or not, it is your money that you are wasting. Like I said, college is fun and the people you meet there are one of a kind. So go ahead and let loose from time to time. However, just remember that you need to realize when it is time to buckle down and juggle between school time and social time because that is going to be the biggest struggle. Once you figure out how to balance school with your social life, you will have a very successful college career.


Assuming that I could indeed go back in time, I think that I would tell myself how much I do not need to worry about college! I spent a lot of my senior and junior year of high school stressing about the many factors of college acceptance along with college life and my academic future (as an undeclared student), and everything over the course of my first year here at Salem State turned out better than anything I imagined. Not only did I recieve great support from teachers and counselors about picking my classes and working towards a major - I even have a minor picked out because of them now - I did great in another area I have never done well in: making friends. This is sometimes an uncomfortable subject with me, but I really am not good at talking to people and making friends, and spent many nights fearing what it would be like going to a college where I would have none of my old highschool friends with me. I would tell my younger self that I don't need to worry at all, because my social and academic lives are working themselves out for the best.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to seriously thinking about my decision and research different schools in my area. I knew I didnt want to live away, so I felt like salem state was my only option. Going into colled with an undeclared major and still undecided two years later, I tend to think I made the wrong decision and now im stuck. If I could go back, I would tell myself to go to a community school to save myself the money, pressure to decide on a major, and time wasted in classes that might not be towards my chosen major.


Basically I would tell myself three things. Balance your social life with school. Make sure you’re having fun but always remember play hard, but work harder. I think this is great advice to every college freshmen because you’re looking for what you see in movies so your main focus is really to have fun in school. Secondly I would tell myself everything is a learning experience, even if I was to fail at college it’s learning and growing experience. So everything that happens while in school whether good or bad the least that can happen is that you get a valuable lesson learned in life. Lastly I would advise myself on living. This is a serious transition in life you are learning to be responsible and living on your own for the first time in life. Basic things like eating right, taking medication and exercising are very important to remember.


I would advise myself to stay focused on my education rather than my social life. When I was a senior in high school I was more worried about my reputation rather than my future.


I would tell myself that it was okay to not be sure about what I wanted to do in life. It seemed like everyone was so sure about what they wanted to do, and I wasn't. I enlisted in the United States Air Force a year after I graduated. It gave me the time to grow and think about what I wanted to. I always knew I wanted to help people, I just didn't know how. After my deployment I realized that I wanted to continue my education and become a pharmacist so that I could do more humanitarian work in or out of the military(depending if I am able to come back after school). Even though I am 27 and a junior at CSU Sac, I feel so much more prepared and sure about what I want to do in the future. I was able to make a decision on my future while still be the same 17 year old that just wanted to help someone back in high school.


Hello Ben! Congratulations on finishing high school and getting into Salem State University. Now I know your excited to begin your summer before going off to just another year of school, but there are a few things you should know first about money, classes friends and life in general. First off don't just slack off this summer. Apply for more scholarships and summer jobs, its never too late and trust me, you're going to need the extra money. Next studying for classes is just as important in college as it is in high school. During the summer you need to wake up early in the week so you are prepared for any 8 and 9 am classes you may have. Being prepared for this means that you are more likely to not sleep through these crucial classes. Don't worry about your roommate or making friends. The people you will meet will mostly be friendly and excited about school just like you, everything will work out fine. And finally relax, you'll make it out just fine, trust me.


Hey senior me... WAKE UP! Stop sleeping through classes and give this your best effort. When you finally reach age twenty-six, you will greatly wish that you had paid more attention and tried harder this year. Also, try to think ahead a little. Next year isn't the only year you need to plan for, and your decisions today will determine if you have food to eat or clothes to wear once you're twenty. High school has more of an impact on your future than you think, so stay engaged and try your hardest. You won't regret that.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first say to take more AP classes. Taking AP classes helps a lot with taking place of certain classes in college. I would also tell myself to make sure I participate in a lot of activities in college because they look great on resumes. I would also recommend to exercise all the tutoring facilities colleges offer because they really do help a great deal. I went to a community college before transfering to a four-year school and I would tell myself that it was a great decision because it was a great experience that saved me money. The last thing I would say would be to try and get a job related to the field I was majoring in. This would help me to gain experience and add excitement to my resume.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell her to stop worrying so much. Making the move from a small town to the city is a giant change, but an incredible learning experience. I would tell her to relax, and take deep breaths, as well as to not wish away the time she has left at home. College changes you as a person entirely, as you learn so much about yourself along the way. My senior self was very anxious and wary of what was to come. Little did she know, it was going to be a lifestyle change that would prove to be nothing short of perfect.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would recomend myself to join more clubs or sports. There is alot more opportunities when you are part of something. I would tell myself not to be so shy and quiet. It is always helpful to have alot of friends and people that can help you. That i should be proude of who I am and where i come from and never to lose focuse. In order to make it through college you have to know what you want and not be afraid of anything. You will be alone and you will learn that you can not trust everyone that is nice to you. A lot of people start college but only a few finish it, you have to keep your mind on your goals and ignore all temptations. But most of all just have fun and cherish every moment, nothing is worth it if you are not happy.


All I wanted to do as a High School senior was get out of school as fast as I could. I held an image of college in my mind of people paying thousands of dollars to party, meet the love of there life, and then graduate only to struggle to pay off their educational loans later. My perception of what it means to go to college was completley different than reality. Four years after graduating high school I was sick of my dead end job and chose to return to college. My first year at school showed how wrong my perception was. School is more than an exuberant cost, it is the opportunity to find yourselfe. In the year that I have been at Salem State University I have found a career field that excites me, great friends, and how strong of a leader I can be. My advice to high school me would be to sprint towards college not away from it. Take every opportunity that presents itselfe. In the end you will be amazed by how much you are capeable of.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is how to become more responsible and how to use my time wisely. Working fulltime and going to school fulltiime has taught me a lot of things. I was always responsible but living on campus without my mother there telling me what to do,how to do, and when to do it. Living on my own I would call it,I love it and that is what I have gotten out of my college experience so far. It has been valuable for me to attend because I have so much to learn and offer.


After attending the local community college for a year, I have taken many classes and observed what I would like to major in. Journalism, philosophy, drama, english, history, speech, logic, creative writing, cosmetics; each class is a different language. Each subject has a different world of mental processing. In under a year my thought process has changed dramatically. At first I desired to be an english teacher, however after some classes my major changed to psychology. I enjoy learning and observing people, their personalities and character. I now know the basics in a college education, the layout of the college world. My education has gradually increased and I adore the change in myself. There are more possibilties and doors that have opened because of my community classes. A person with a college undergraduate gains about $1 million more through their job than someone who never attended college. Hopefully I can educate high school students and recieve good pay for the task. A high school history teacher who lived in a small home who never made any large electronic purchases left $1 million dollars of saving behind because he lived simply. Anyone with money and power has a college education.


I have learned so many different things since being in college. I have taken all of the knowledge from the classes but also I have learned how to be more open and talk to people more easily. I have also learn how to be more understanding and patient with people and their ideas. I have worked better in group projects and made so many friends and met such nice people along the way!


A sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. Confidence.Some admiration from others. Use the skills learned to volunteer and help others. Knowing I can take care of myself and be on my own during college. Student loans were worth it. Friendships. Great memories. A new world of cultures and opinions that have opened my own way of thinking, and preparing me for the reality of the real world. All in all, the best thing I ever put myself through... literally .


I have learned that i must be independent to succeed.


So far, I have been to college for about 2 years now and it has been extremely helpful. It has enabled me to retain information from high school and go beyond the surface of the teachings in previous years. In addition, with the general studies I am taking, I am able to expand my horizons in other studies I would not have thought would interest me. As it turns out though, it really can be fun and interesting. College has allowed me to explore areas of studies, that high school has never been able to offer, as well as ensure that I will be ready to face the 'real world' with an exceptional understanding of different ideas and studies. Altogether, my college experience has been great. The professors go into a great deal of detail to help us students understand, and I feel that this will be valuable when heading out to pursue your dream job. I absolutely love the fact that there are so many options with the areas of studies, which in turn, gives us students limitless possibilities of what to do with our lives.


One of the most important thigs that I gained from my college experience is maturity. College gives you a chance to reach the pinnacle of your person. Assignments and classes help teach you dicipline and good work habits, interactions with an array of different people teach you compassion and understanding, and the cost of books, classes, room and board teach you the true value of money. All of the experience that I have gained from attending college will be valuable to my life afterwards, both in respect to my career and relationship with myself and other others.


What I got out of my college expericene here at Salem State University, is that the staff here at the college really care about the students. Knowing that the teachers care about the students always motivate me to worker harder. The college is always engaging the students in school activity, so I learned that the school have amazing clubs.


Well as i have gotten involve at the school; my experience is really amazing. The people we get to work with are terific. As we bring the community together and make it feel like a more homely environment. The commuinity itself gets to know the people that might just live in their residents hall but they maight not know. It has been really valuable to attend this school because maybe another school would of never gave me the chance to show how good of a leader i can be when it comes to others. I try to make the best of it because of the fact that i like other to experience what i have experience in my life journey.


It has been valuable to attend salem state university, because i get the opportunity to explore how good i can make it on my own. This also gives me the chance to meet new people and get to resive an education i have always wanted too. my biggest dream has been to accomplish and education my mother never got a chance to. my life has always revolve around my education, i might not have the highest GPA but i have always worked hard to get were i am today. Taking risks and also challenges that have made everything more difficult for me to keep my mind on my education sometimes. I love the fact that Salem State University gave me to attend their college and the opportunity to make me a better human being.


I have attended 3 different schools throughout the 4 years that I have been in school. I did not know what I wanted, and because of that I was extremely lost and confused in the beginning. Throughout the past 4 years I have really discovered who I am. It has been very difficult at times, but even more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I would not change a thing. I have become the type of student, friend, athelete, and sister that I can honestly say that I am proud of. I owe a lot of that to Salem State College. During my time at Salem State College I have discovered exactly what I want to do in life and I could not be happier.


What I have learned from my college experience so far is that your surrounded with all kinds of people and its up to you how you cope with it. In college you grow to the person that your meant and suppose to be with the help of the people your around on the daily bases. In college I learned early on what I wanted out of life and what I didnt want out of life; which to me is amazing at such an early age. I know its going to take a lot of hard work but I know through college I can make it. Its vaulable to attend college ecspecially in the economy now because most jobs look upon college graduates rather than high school graduates and nothing else. For me if I have to chance to further my education why not take the chance that some others can only dream of.


I got everything I ever wanted from a college education and more - and for half as much as what students pay in other colleges/universities in Massachusetts. I got a job offer one year prior to graduating, by Ernst & Young in Boston, a firm that interned with in my junior year. I have no regrets- My professors helped me become all that I could be and encouraged me to rise above average.


I have loved the theater program - most of all rehearsing and performing in various shows. I have enjoyed some of my classes, I like my advisor, and especially some of the older, more serious theater/tech/directing students. I always love learning more about performance, and improving. I have learned what kind of person i dont want to be - by my contact and observation of other students. While i very much look forward to performing in several upcoming plays and musicals, I feel like I have gotten most of what is available in class work and courses available for my major. Some of my teachers have been great to me, and I have learned some, maybe more than I think. I have learned how much i desire to really study this craft, and how hungry I am to learn more, and I have learned more about who I am, and who/ or what kind of person i do not want to be.


I attended Salem State College after transferring from a local community college. The transition was made easier by the intimate class sizes and the availability of good career counseling. At the time, this was also an extremely affordable endeavor, so I was able to graduate from college with no debt. I was unsure of my future plans when I left community college, and my self-esteem was fragile. I was fearful of making life choices and living independent of my family of origin. Because this was a local college, I was initially able to commute from my home with friends I was comfortable with. As I became more involved in the academic community, I also began to broaden my group of friends and interests. Soon, I met new friends I would share an apartment with, and thus began my move towards independant living. I attribute my transition to becoming a successful young adult and elementary school teacher to the importance my college placed on realizing the individual needs of their student population, and nurturing them towards their goals. I have internalized this philosophy and have used this as a motivating factor in all my personal and work relationships.


My college experience has been a very good one for me. Leaving my home and being able to live away and by myself has been an awesome experience. Meeting new people and experiencing new things has helped me to grow and develop as an adult. The school that I am attending is very good and I have learned alot from my professors and my new friends. I would not trade this experience for the world and I cannot wait to continue my education next year and experience all of the things that college still has to offer me.


I would tell myself to explore more options. I decided to attend a close, safe college instead of venturing out into the world. It is impossible to reach your goals in life without taking chances. I would also tell myself to take school work more seriously and give every class my best effort. I got through high school with modest grades, but I plan to give everytign my all in college. Finally, I would tell myself to aim high and to never settle. Every person has the ability to change the world and make a difference. I plan to be a part of that difference in the future.


I would tell my Senior self not to let a break up get in the way of being social and not to let it interfer with school work. Make sure to read and re-read all of my finicial aide information. Apply for ever scholorship under the sun. Don't take that semester off, just find away. Go right for the art program, don't let the thought you might not make it ever cross your mind. Apply to more than two schools. Find a way to fund your first choice, just getting in really isn't enough. Put yourself out there socially and don't worry so much what people think about you, you will find your place. Be yourself 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Most of the people here don't know you or what you did in high School. This is a new slate and nothing before it matters. Do what you have to do to get where you want to go, don't let anything hold you back.


I believe the best advice I could give to myself in regards to what I know now about college and making the transition from High school is telling myself to stay focus in my academics, get good grades, and apply for scholarships. Those were some of the biggest faults I made when I was a High school student. I would also tell myself to speak up and ask questions, I found myself as a High school student afraid to talk to teachers and guidance councilors for the fear of looking stupid. Now I realize how much support and advice I missed from my High school that I could have taken advantage of.


If i could go back to when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to always be true to myself and to always be humble. Going to college can definitely change who you are, who you hang out with, and who you really consider you're friends. Don't get caught up in all the drama or social issues that may occur because it can and will affect who you are and how well you will do academically. I would also tell myself to just do the best I possibly can. Don't let others judge you and your decisions to do what you want; not just fellow classmates but parents and friends. Your parents might want you to become a doctor or a lawyer, but follow your heart and do what you want to do. Do something you love because you're going to be doing it for the rest of your life, so enjoy it and believe in yourself. College can be very stressful, but make sure you enjoy your time with your friends as well. We all need our breaks from all that studying.


When I applied to college, I applied as a Nursing major. My family was incredibly proud of me, and after being accepted by my first choice, I was quite excited myself. During orientation, I went to the major introduction meeting with high hopes and left realizing I had made the wrong decision. Nursing is an incredible major, however I knew my emotions would get in the way of my career. I was terrified to tell my mom I wanted to switch my major to another passion of mine - Music. My mom was so proud of me becoming a nurse. It killed me to think I might disappoint her. However, I gathered up my courage and told her my decision. She was disappointed, but only because I'd worried so much and didn't feel I could tell her. Today, I'm an incredibly happy Music major and my mom has never been prouder. She's happy I decided to follow my heart. I wish I could go back to my high school and tell myself not to have felt pressured by expectations and to have followed my dreams. Though it took some time, I'm on the right path now.


I would say "Give it all you got." Don't waste your mind on the mundane. Stay focused and continue with your education until you earn your Phd. You can do it. Don't worry if you aren't sure about which field you want to build a career in....just begin the journey and follow the path that appeals to you as you work your way through college. You WILL figure it out. A lot of the things you worry about now will seem silly in a few me on that. You need to do this for one can do it for you. It's time to step up and take care of be responsible for your future. Don't waste your time doubting your abilities. Resist the temptation to look at how much must be completed before you earn your degree(s). Instead, focus on the task at hand. Nothing is particularly difficult if you break it down into small pieces. May sound cliche, but slow and steady definitely wins the race. Before you know it, you will be looking in hand...wondering how it all flew by so quickly.


The advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior, would be to work as much as I possibly could throughout the summer and save as much money as I could. Being a nursing student makes it extremely hard to balance a job and school. The nursing program is extremely time consuming and doesn't leave much space for any free time. I know that when I become a nurse I will be very satisfied with my choice to attend Salem State College for Nursing, but at the moment I am struggling to believe that I won't be in debt for the rest of my life because of all of these loans. I love my school and my major, I just wish I was able to have money saved away somewhere to help me out. I would also tell myself to make sure I figure out good study habits. In high school I wasn't really taught how to study, and now that I am in college, I have a hard time trying to figure out how to study for all of the nursing information.


Find a college that you can see yourself focusing in, first semester freshman year is the hardest semester distractions, also look for a college with good tutoring programs and writing centers, they help you alot. Lastly, for the students, dont pay attention to the partying at the school, look at the academics, could this school really provide you with everything you want.


I would recommend a state school due to this economy, and I would also say make sure its not in the middle of no where, where everyone goes home on the weekends


I would have to say pick somewhere not too close to home but just enough distance away so your parents can come pick you up when you want to come home. I really like small classes so I can have more one on one time with my professors if I need it. Try to have a positive attitude and be open to new people and experiences.


Go to the college and take the tour. Don't always judge a book by its cover. Freshman dorms are always going to be gross. Look at graduation rates and statistics. Make it the time of your life.


Don't blame all your problems on the school. It's up to you to make the most of your experience. Howver, if you really hate your first choice, transferring is always an option. Be open to new experiences and different ways of thinking.


Make sure that the student picks the school that s/he feels the most comfortable with. Freshmen need to be open to more than just figuring out what major they need to choose. The student needs to pick a college that has an environment which promotes extracurricular activities such as participation in clubs, sports, the arts, a healthy lifestyle and can easily accomodate the student if s/he is working on or off campus.


One piece of advise i would give parents and students would be to be aware of deadlines and get forms in early better than on time. Look around and see what your looking for whether your looking for a large school or small school, and be aware of the activities and school life. Speak to other students about the school life other than academics.


To students, make sure you take in everything about the school. Make sure you visit and talk to the teachers and professors in your major so you have a really clear idea of what school is going to be like for you. Also, if you cannot have a car freshman year, make sure the convienence store isn't 20 miles away and there is transportation around campus. Don't pick a school because your parents want you to go there, if you feel it is right for you, then that's the school for you. It's your life now and you are in full control! Get involved. I played sports all throughout high school and still in college. Even if it's not a varsity sport, they have club teams too. Keep yourself having fun, cause the books can get boring!


I think that it's best to have options but not to overload yourself with too many options.