Salem State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The academics and student groups allow for interesting studies and lifelong friends.


The best thing about Salem State are all the potential opportunities. Academicly there are programs for everyone including a state supported Honors Program, and countless majors, minors and ways to combine them. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and it is realy easy to start a new group or club on campus. You have the opportunity to realy emmerse yourselfe at Salem State (while still having a social life).


The broad variety of people and areas to study. Salem State offers many different majors that students can decide from. Also, the staff and students that attend salem state are wonderful. I hvae met so many nice and helpful people at salem state.


The professors at Salem State University are supurb. They all know the subject matter that they're teaching, incorporate many different styles of teaching, and care about their student's progress.


The culture of the school is very diverse. Commuting to the school is very easy. At night it is very quiet, so studying at night will not be a problem. The library is open until midnight, Monday through Thursday. The school is located next to convenient stores, easy to get snacks and other materials. Salem State College just became Salem State University, and since the college is a public school, the college bill is cheap.


The best thing about my school that I've seen so far just from the visits is the diversity of students that attends. Diversity is very important to me because I would like to have as many experiences as possible while living on a campus.


Small classes, Competitive majors and State-of-the-art technology


The best thing about this school is it's diversity. There are so many different people here and you are able to meet so many new and interesting people. Also, the school is very student-friendly. Everyone is willing to help out and the student life here is very good. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting a good college, because of its diversity and its fair tuition rates.


Salem State is surrounded by lush history. The school makes it easy to learn about everything regarding the Salem Witch Trials, which are very interesting. Walking outside of the college, you can see some of the first houses built in America, places where importat historical evens took place, such as the Hose of Seven Gables which is right down the street. There is always something to explore here.


I like the clinical rotations in the nursing program. Each clinical group is small, about 6 students, which allows us to form great relationships with our professors and our peers. It also allows us to get extra help whenever we may need it.


The best thing about the school is the many groups that they have at the school. You will be able to find a group you can join. Also, you meet friends through these groups.


The best thing about the school is definately the cost. Also, there are people from all over that attend college here, so it is very racially diverse. It is a huge commuter school, so expect many snow days in the winter time.


Definitely the community and how all the students seem to feel that and encourage it in their own way. I felt welcomed into a new community the minute I arrived here. I've never had such a great social life until I moved here and I feel at home here. If it hadn't been for that, feeling welcomed and part of a whole, i probably wouldn't have continued with school here.


The best thing about Salem State is that it is a completely middle of the road school. It's competitive, but not overwhelming, big, but not too big, close to Boston but not right in the middle of a big city, and culturally diverse. For such a large conglomeration of people from all over, there is a real sense of community, because everyone finds something that reminds them of home.


People are very socially aware.


I love my dorm.