Salisbury University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being a premier comprehensive public university with four endowed schools offering excellent, affordable tuition to undergraduates, applied master's, and doctoral programs. Salisbury is commited to showing that it is important for students to make the connection between what they learn and how they live by requiring on-campus housing for two years as well as numerous academic and extra-curricular activities and clubs. They have friendly, supportive staff and professors who encourage undergraduate and graduate students to assist them in their research as well as the students' own original research.


I think our unversity is best known for the high level of acedemics we have.


Salisbury University is best known for being a school of National Distinction. This university prides itself in being a public school providing the education of a private school. It is a smaller school that is known for it's close-knit community and making education the forefront of your experience.


Our school is best known for its partying, honestly. People are separated into cliques, but once you find some friends, you should be fine. There was no orientation for transfer students though, so I didn't meet anyone.


Its best know for its nursing and buisness programs.


Salisbury University is best known for their business program in the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. Salisbury also has one of the most competitive athletic programs in the United States. The University has also been recognized for its efforts in sustainability and currently has several buildings certified with the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program.


My school is best known for their business school and lacross team.


The food


My school is probably best known for its location near Ocean City, Maryland.


This school is best known for sports, its teaching, business, and nursing programs.




Its education program.


Salisbury University is best known for their quality sports programs, small class sizes, and great education. By the time you're a Senior, every teacher in your chosen specialty knows your name and you know almost everyone in your classes. This allows for a more comfortable and productive learning environment. Because of the smaller class sizes, teachers are able to spend more time with their students and make themselves easily available when there are any questions.


Being a school of national distinction.; ranging from the beautiful campus to a very good nursing program.


My school is best known for nursing, biology, and teaching carreers . Salisbury University also has a very good lacrosse team and is a very good school for its price.


"Salisbury University, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, is a regionally accredited, four-year comprehensive university offering 54 distinct undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We are 30 miles from the beaches and 2.5 hours from Washington, DC and Baltimore. " -


business, teaching, the beach


My school is best known for its parties and the amount of alcohol students consume.


To be honest, the first thing everyone said when I told them I was going to Salisbury University was: "What, that party school?" Salisbury University is most famous for being a party school, but it is also known for it's rigorous nursing program.


My school is best known for its business school and varsity lacrosse team. Both are nationally recognized and successful. We have won numerous lacrosse championships and have a high level of job attainment from our business school graduates.


Our lacrosse team wins the national championship for division three almost every year. Also we have a great Business School and we certainly have a good time.


My school is best known for its education program. Also so of the students were featured on MTV's Busted show for drinking and getting caught by the police.


We're probably known as a party school, but if you're not looking to party you won't find it.


Salisbury Men's Lacrosse! Go Gulls!


There buisness and nursing programs


Our school is very well known for business and science courses. We are popular for our lacrosse teams in the realm of sports.


Salisbury Lacrosse, Potheads, hippies, lots of drugs, Frank Perdue


Salisbury is best known for Ocean City, MD. The beach and boardwalk is only 30 minutes away. There is anything you can want there. The ocean, the waves, food, lots of people. It's great to go to school so close to the beach. The college is known for most kids getting jobs at the beach during the season and hanging out there.


Salisbury University is best known for the parties and drinking. However, that is not all the school is about. Salisbury University is rich in tradition and educational values. Although I did have my share of fun nights and wild days, the degree I obtained from the University will forever succeed any party I have attended.


We're only a half an hour from Maryland's (and one of the east coasts) resort destinations, Ocean City. This offers a ton of summer jobs for students and the ability to live at the beach! We're also known for our undergraduate research and the emphasis placed on that by faculty. We're a really inviting campus and we're known to be friendly. Also, Salisbury is a fun place to go to school because there is simply so much to do on and off campus.

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