Salisbury University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about how strong and united Salisbury Unversity is. It is a very big school, but yet I feel as though each and everyone of us are in our own little community together as one.


That we have amazing living arrangements available for students. The apartments and dorms that are on campus are clean and gorgeous.


We are 25 minutes away from the beach. The buildings are very new. The food is very good. Good course selection. Easy campus to get around.


I brag about the academics, and the buildings. Salisbury University has a stringent academic curriculum which allows for the information to be drilled into the students minds. Along with this, the buildings are absolutely beautiful and have many places for students to relax and do homework if needed. Between the staff, students, and lovable squirrels that inhabit the trash cans, there is never a dull moment on campus.


I love how small the campus is and how friendly everyone is here.


Close to the beach!


When I talk to my friends about my school, I mostly brag about the campus. The campus is the perfect size and it is very pretty in the Spring and Summer. There are benches and table where you can sit outside and do your work and areas where you can just lay down on a towel and hang out with your friends.


My good quality friends and the christian life available.


When I tell my friends about Salisbury, I tell them about the warm weather, the friendly people and all the opportunities on campus. Every weekend there's an event for everyone, whether it be a free movie, a bus trip or some sort of fundraiser. There's never a lack of things to do here.


I tell them about how I got my work done and then still had plenty of time to go out and have fun. I tell them what I did, where I went, and who I met. You need to have fun in college, no one tells stories about sitting around.


The best thing about my school is the friends I've made. Everyone is very relaxed, but at the same time outgoing. They want to get to know you and hang out with you between classes. You just have to make sure you're outgoing as well, otherwise the process is slower. The upperclasmen make friends with the lowerclassmen and vice versa. Without the people I've met and made friends with, my college transistion would have been extremley difficult. They made it easier to connect to college life and get the total college experience.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about my good grades and the great teacher education program.


We know how to have fun!


I tell my friends that Salisbury has something for everyone. Not only does it has just about any major one could want but its gots lots to do. Its only a half hour from the beach which is wonderful! If you like to go out or party there is lots to do. However, the school offers so many activities that are sustance free like dances, and concerts, lectures and other performances. They play a different movie every weekend.


The class sizes are usually pretty small allowing for more teacher-student interaction. The campus is pretty small and the longest it takes to get to a class from the freshman dorms walking is 8 minutes so you can roll out of bed and go right to class if you want to. The teachers are very helpful and fair and most of them know your name by the end of the semster.


The community involvement with academics and athletics at Salisbury University. Salisbury is a small town school that creates the best environment for academic success and social interactions.


How beautiful the campus is, how nice the people are, how small classes are.


About our new Teacher and Education Tech. Building and the TV studios on the third floor for student use


The girls are so hot. The food is good, and its very cheap.


Just small campus, only fun is alchol


How relaxed the atmoshpere is.


What I brag most about my school is the friendliness of staff, faculty, and students. Everyone here is so nice and helpful. No matter cultural differences, race, gender, religion, etc., everyone is just genuinely friendly. We are a very tight-knit community and everyone feels welcome here!


When I tell my friends about Salisbury University I mostly brag about the quality of professors and staff on campus. Everyone is very friendly and all professors are eager to assist their students in any way possible. I also brag about the research and study abroad opportunities available to all students. The extracurricular activities, in which I am extremely involved in are also what make my college experience complete. Salisbury offers many activities for many different people. There is always something to do on campus. I could not ask for a better quality of education and campus life.


My teachers, they are really dedicated and love what they do. It is like a giant family.


Incredible new building and living only 30 minutes away from the beach.

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