Salisbury University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is that the new Academic Commons building will not be finished for another year.


Advising for post gradute life was non exsistent, this was an opinion gathered from a students. In my situation my advisor did not really indicate that I had any other options outside of returning to graduate school. I was not completely confident in what field I wanted to recieve my masters. Additionly there was never a discussion about the types of jobs that could be offered to a student with a bachelors in biology or how to go about finding those jobs.


The organization in the administration office and whoever schedules courses.


The construction in the middle of campus because it disrupts parking lots and is hard to find a convenient space.


the city of salisbury isnt avery safe area, everything is under control i just dont feel totally safe walking the streets at night




There is a lot parties on the weekends and it saddens me that they feel like they have to get drunk to have fun.


I wish it was a little closer to home.


I have only been to Salisbury University for half a year. I just recently transferred and have not found one thing that I dislike. Just like most students, I would consider the outside schoolwork to be a pain but it is what I intend to do. I transferred here to achieve a higher education and I find the classes interesting because the professors are so knowledgeable in their subject.


The worst thing about the school would be its distance from home as well as being different setting from which i'm accustomed to in my hometown.


Due to the small size of Salisbury University, people tend to underplay the potential that is available there. If it was a little bigger, more people would realize what a great school it is.


Virtually no upperclassmen can live on campus anymore, because the school is just trying to bring in as many new freshmen as possible


I think the worst thing about my school is that it is too little for the amount of students entering into it, therefore lessoning the spots for certain programs such as nursing, athletic training, etc.


some students focus more on extracirrcular activities before academics


I love the Campus, most of the buildings have been updated and the suroundings are beautiful. The food in the Commons is great as well. The worst thing about the school would have to be the parking. They have made additional parking areas, but you have to be willing to walk. they have built a parking garage, but freshmen are not allowed to park in there.


The worst thing about the school is that its a small school so sports aren't a really big deal.


The worst thing about my school is that it is not as diverst as I thought.


the worst thing about my school is the area in which it is located. The city of Salisbury is one of the highest crime ridden areas in the state of Maryland. the moment you walk off campus there is concern for your well being. Walking home from class you have to watch for being robbed, and the added fear of getting lost down the wrong street is an added stressor to the average students workload.


I don't consider anything bad about the school because I really like the school.


The only drawback to attending Salisbury University was the smaller sports program. You don't have the huge football team that has everyone's support every weekend because it isn't a large school.


The only downside I would give to attending Salisbury University is that the School campus is the closest thing you will find to a city. The outlying area is very rural and tends to be very simple minded and even at some points racist. This was not much of a problem for me personally as I tended to only go outside of the campus to go for certain shopping needs or to go see a movie at the nearby Salisbury Mall. Fortunately it is something easily avoided by keeping to the campus facilities.


Parking, there is never enough. However, they did just build a parking garage but it's expensive.


the worst thing is the parking situation because those who live off campus have to walk forever or come early to get a parking spot.


The worst thing about my school is probably the weather during fall semester. It rains 6 days a week dring the fall. for every 20 minutes of Sunshine at school, you get two days of rain. At least thats the running joke at school.


The worst thing about Salisbury is that it is not diverse enough. There is diversity but it is still mostly one race.


How much it rains there, but I can't really control that.


The worst thing about my school is that it is often in the shadow of the University of Maryland-College Park. Students will not see Salisbury University for what it really is.


The city of salisbury was not planned out very well. Also the majority of the city's economy is driven by the students and i feel that we deserve a bit more for what we provide the community.


the worst thing about my school i s the lack of extracurriculat activities at the school. they have little programs designed for extracurricular activities


the parking is terrible at this school; however they are in the middle of building a new parking garge, so we'll see how it goes.


The availablity of parking.


The worst thing about Salisbury is the violent crimes targeted at the College students.


The teachers don't know how to teach, there is not enough financial aid, and they don't focus ont he minority


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There are not enough parking spots to accomodate the amount of students who have parking passes. The campus security also makes it hard for us because they hand out parking tickets like fliers. The school is currently working on building a parking garage, but even after its completion, we will be down by 180 parking spots that we had before.


Sometimes classes fill up quickly and it is hard to plan an organized class schdule.


the food in the cafeteria could be more diverse


The relationship wit the community isn't the best. Sometimes students feel targeted by community members and the local city police for simply having fun. However, the school is working with community and campus leaders to reconcile our differences.

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