Salisbury University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Salisbury University is the variety of studies offered along with a diverse campus experience.


The professor care about their students and the program that I'm in is tough but very focused. Everything we do help us to be best health professionals in the future.


I love the campus. It's very small and cute. They are making efforts to make the campus more environmentally friendly too!


How helpful the campus is for people who want to succeed academically and the social life on campus. I value my education and the programs here are very competitive, so if I have diffuculty with any of my classes it's easy to obtain help. Social life because classes can be hard and it's nice that the campus has certain events for students to distress at and hang with friends.


I love how there are so many ways to get help to succeced academically.


The best thing about Salisbury University is the value of the education received for the price that it is valued at. The education as well as the values and lessons that I have learned while at this school are just as great, if not better than what is learned at an expensive undergrad school for a cheaper price. The financial aid is very helpful and the people that I have created connections with are all for seeing each individual they meet succeed in any way possible, as well as following their dreams.


Easy to excell.


Salisbury University is pretty convenient from my home and moreover has a great business school. It has great diversity and on campus clubs and activities that really attract prospective students to enroll.


The best thing about Salisbury University is the location and the atmosphere. It is located just 30 minutes away from Ocean City and the neighboring towns are mostly farmland. There is a huge diversity of people and places therefore it is never boring. Salisbury has less than 8,000 students making it comfortable to be on campus and in the classroom. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Since the classroom sizes are around 20-30 students, the professors get to know each individual student and offer as much extra help that is needed.


Salisbury's greatest trait is too hard to point out. There is so much about this school that I love, from the small, accessible campus to the great classes, from the fantastic housing to the amazing dining experience. Salisbury is the single best school I've ever attended; School is fun, comfortable, and a joy to attend. The school also offers a great extracurricular variety, with five star sports teams to an amazing theatre program. There is no "best thing" about Salisbury; It's all the best. GO SEA GULLS!!!


Great atmosphere. Wonderful teachers and interesting classes. A lot of on campus activities, great learning environment.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. There so many different cultures to learn from and experience. If you were walking around campus and saw a group of people they would be full of different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Having friends that are from different from background shows you different aspects of life and may teach you to appreciate life.


What I enjoyed the most at Salisbury University was the much more personal learning and living environment I got from attending a small University. I originally got accepted to my first choice school Virginia Tech but decided to go the small school route with more available Financial Aid. While there I found that the small town feel of a smaller University really fit my lifestyle well. I made friends that will be with me forever and learned more in that time than I ever could have in the environment of a large school.


The best thing about salisbury is that there are so many resources here, not only are all the professors brilliant, but we also have free tutoring available daily for every subject, we have a writting center which helps you buil your writting skills and many incredible internships.


The best thing about my school would be the design of the school. It is really pretty with a tree library which I think is really amazing because not many places consider trees with respect, students have actually been fined for destruction of those treees. And my philosophy teacher loves discussing trees and their importance in our lives and how we ignore them on a daily basis, which is understandable because it is human nature to take things for granted.


size, campus, professors


So far the faculty and other student are friendly and the school is like a breathe of fresh air for me. I believe I will be able to thrive and accomplish all my academic goals with that type of available environment.


The best thing about this school is the fact that the professors used to be where the students are right know. They give us incite and help keep us motivated to look towards the future. The professors are very helpful and knowledgeable. They help give you ideas for career placements and openly give personal experiences about their past that can help you figure out your future.


The size, because it is not overwhelmingly large.


The people at the school are the best thing about it. Everyone is really friendly, and always willing to help out someone else. There are people here from every background, with every type of personality you can think of. You're bound to make a great group of friends, and everyone knows most everyone else, so it is easy to make new friends.


I love the people here! Compared to the people I went to High School, everyone here is their own person and as a result I've met people I'll remember for a lifetime here.


I consider the best thing about Salisbury to be that it is so diverse. They have every race and religion and they have clubs for everyone to join and make friends who are like them. There are many different cultures and Salisbury really celebrates that! I really think that everyone can make great great friends at Salisbury because there are people from all walks of life.


The best thing is the technology the and lab resources the school offers. As a nursing major, there are many hands on labs and supplies that we use for practice purposes. Students are hired for the lab and the offer peer tutoring also.


i would say the best thing about my school is their commitment to academics. They focus alot on academics especially for the price of the school


The people are the best thing about this school. They really know how to make you feel welcome, whether they are a professor, staff, or fellow students. On Maryland's Eastern Shore, you get a glimpse of southern hospitality because everyone is so nice and inviting. Salisbury epitomizes that and this makes the school that much better. Additionally, we have two cultures here--the culture of school during the semesters and then beach culture--because most students go down to Ocean City for the summertime to work and live ... and play. That's a pretty sweet aspect as well.


They have a great business school. But thats it what their main focus is.


I consider the small atmosphere and students are able to make connections with more faculty and staff.


It's very close to Ocean City so you and your friends can go chill on the beach for fun on weekends. It's the perfect size school, not too big not toosmall and everyone is really friendly. I haven't met anyone who isn't open-minded so you don;t have to be afraid of getting judged for whatever reason.


The environment created around the school and the class atmosphrere. It really allows you to appreciate things better.

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