Salish Kootenai College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


it is a great school to start at, friendly and helpful staff. i highly recommend salish kootenai college.


All of the class sizes at SKC are very small, I feel that I am able to form a better relationship with all of my professors this way. Professors always have their doors open for any questions students may have. The campus is small, easy to get around, and clean.


I like that the campus is small and that gives a better chance to meet other students and instructors, more personal with everyone.


SKC is one of few Tribal colleges that offer Bachelor's degrees. The business program here has a very good reputation, especially with conference competitions. SKC has won the Business Bowl during The AIHEC Conference the last 2 years.


I like to say that when i graduate with an associates from here that my credits will transfer to the university of montana.