Salish Kootenai College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


First and foremost, no one should attend Salish Kootenai College who is unwilling to accept and respect the culture and beliefs of others, as we have a tremendous amount of diversity in both the student and staff population. Nearly as important, is the fact that unless an individual is capable and willing to push themselves to fight for their goals, they will not succeed here.


Any student whou wants to get a good education.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone not ready to learn. The kind of person who wants to be on a big campus shouldn't attend this school. The kind of person who don't like Native Americans, majority of the students are Native American.


The kind of peope who don't like constant interraction with other students and instructors.


A person with a closed mind who wants an ivy league experience should not attend this school, this is a small rural college with no access to bigger cities.


A person that likes to learn about the local Native American culture, and one who doesn't mind living in a small community.


SKC is a tribal college who welcomes anyone, and make them comfortable. If you are a student who wants a big college experience then I wouldn't suggest SKC for you. SKC is located in North West Montana so anyone who does not like cold weather should go here.


This school is a great resource for anyone. The college offers day, evening, and online classes to accommodate all schedules. The campus is friendly and casual. There is always extra help available if you are stuggling. As a women in her 30's I appreciate the tutoring, the casual atmosphere of the campus, and flexibility of classes. All in all there is really no who who can't attend this school.


Someone who has no motivation or determination at all what so ever.


A person who is not serious about cultural awareness or getting a good education should not attend SKC. If a person is not supportive of others, they may have a hard time here, too.


I think that people who are close-minded, racist, or chauvanists shouldn't attend this school. There are a lot of minorities, women, and people with disabilities that attend school here. A person that isn't willing to learn a new perspective and to change his or her thinking would not create a good experience at this school.