Salish Kootenai College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If possible, I would do my absolute best to convince my senior self of the importance of scholarships, and working out issues such as living arrangements and monetary income before they become problems. I would also encourage myself to stress less about the social aspect of college life, and attempt to convince my pre-college self to relax a little, and to enjoy all the perks that come with living at home. Finally I would do my utmost to make sure that my younger self understood not only the importance of deadlines and due dates, but to respect the fact that unlike in High school, you only get out of college what you put into it. This principle is true when it comes to nearly any aspect of college life, and is reflected not only in the grades received, but in the respect earned (or lack thereof) of my Professors and peers.


Work hard first,, and have fun second. The more that you learn the better off you will be. An education is something that can help you through your life. Learn about something you love and love what it is you are learning. You can and do make a differance in someones life by what you do and who you are. Make that differance for yourself.


Quit sleeping in class


if i could go back to myself when i was a senior, i would tell myself to be organized, keep up with important school work.and apply for every scholarship you can. i would tell myself to study hard, take good note and most importantly to go to college. it has been the best decision i did for myself, college gives you so many oppurtunites to give yourself a chance at a better future. college is hard and it takes dedication but with a little help and hard work you will succeed to be a college graduate, and will soon be able to find a good paying to support yourself and your family. so work hard, have fun but always excell in school, those who work hard recieve the best outcome in life. go to college!


My advise would to not be scared to attend school. To not only look at big Univerties but to look at schools like SKC. This school has already shown me alot. I'd also tell my self try a bit harder during that senior year. Tell myself to find a school that fits me like SKC. Then say sign up for scholorships thats the best part.


I would most likely convince myself to take my academic career more seriously so that I could avoid having to work full time while attending college in my 30's. Also, when I had the chance to go to college and did, I was too impressed with the new found freedom I had gained from being an only child with over protective parents. Didn't leave me much time to study or go to class then. But I would ultimately tell myself that I can achieve any career goal that I had in mind. I wouldn't doubt myself as much as I did in the past. I was convinced that I couldn't learn the work that was handed to me, however that was not the case. The problem was that I didn't want to put in the work to earn the grades that I could have easily received with just a little effort. I am extremely ready for this challenge now!!!


Going back in time to talk to the senior me would make my life so much easier. I'd tell myself that I need to start thinking about and acting on what I want to do once graduation comes around. I'd tell myself to take the SAT and fill out college applications and scholarships/grants. There's to much that I let myself miss out on that I would be able to accomplish with a degree while I sat and watched my life go by. The one word that I would tell my senior self would be determination, because that was what I lacked both my senior year and the year afterwards. I had no drive to push myself, no inspiration, I would explain that the world may be scary and college may seem terrifying but it's really just a new adventure that I need to experience not run away from. Having the ability to meet new people and learn tons of things that I never knew were out there.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I do now, I would advise myself to do four things differently. I would advise myself to study harder, especially in subjects that I had the most trouble understanding like; mathematics and science. I would advise myself to prepare time to study before any standardized test, like the SAT or the ACT. That way I could do my best and if I didn't do as well as I thought I could retake the test and get a better score. I would tell myself to get involved with various clubs and activities. That I could have fun without overloading myself. Lastly, I would advise myself to research as many scholarships as I could and apply for those I qualified for.


Figure out what you really want to do, research what it will take to acheive what that is and go for it. Dont take your senior year for granted, youll miss the school and everyone in it even if you cant stand them now. Save all the money that you possibly can because youll need it when it comes time to buy books. Stay close to home because you know youre going to miss your mom and friends that youre used to seeing every day. Most of all, enjoy the experience; the ups and downs, the precious moments and the ones youd rather forget because youre only young once and although it may seem like the toughest thing in the world it will be worth it, I promise.


Looking back on my college life transition, I would have to tell myself to take advantage of as many opporunities that come my way (academic, athletic, etc.) as possible. All of these opportunities only help you become a more well rounded person in the future. Not only do colleges look at grades, community involvement, and extravcurricular activities; but so do future employers. It is important to show that you are a diverse person that is always looking for opportunities to further your education and life experiences. Look at every situation as an opportunity to learn, and have an open mind.


If I got the chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I should believe in my skills and abilities. I would also tell myself that it is not required to go straight to college from high school. As I look back over the 20+ years since my high school graduation, I know for a fact that I would encourage my high school senior self to live life first. Only after seeing the world and experiencing its unfriendliness can a person truly appreciate the privilege that is an education. High school senior see college as the logical next step but often truly don't realize how important that next step is to their lives.


"Brianna, you need to quit wasting time and start appying for scholarships. Get your butt in gear and do it NOW before it's too late. You DO want your name called at graduation for a scholarship(s) don't you??"


Dear highschool me, Please follow your dreams, trust yourself, and believe in your instincts. The transition isn't as scary as it may seem, you are a stong woman and can take on the world if you allow yourself to fly and be who you realy are, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Sincerly, your future self.


I have got my self confidence back as a single mother of 3 girls, it was hard to pick back up my education after starting my family. I feel as though I'm setting a positive example for my girls to let them know that a college education is possible for everyone, no matter what age you decide to go back. Education is important in all our lives, no matter what your circumstances may be.


I have gotten the most support out of the faculty members at SKC. They really are all about your success and they will work as hard as they need to, to ensure that you succeed. I have attended two other universities and I haven't seen the kind of compassion that I have found at SKC. The professors are always there for you and it is nice to recieve the kind of help that I deserve. Not only are the teachers always there to help, but there are several FREE tutors in every subject there at our disposal. The only ways that you can fail at SKC is if you just up and quite. It would be valuable for anyone to attend SKC because here you are guarenteed success.


As a 1st year Business student, I would go back in time to tell myself as a high school senior to manage time and money wisely. One of the main set backs in my college career was my first year of college. I did not know what to expect in college, and i had no clue what so ever as what I wanted my major to be. So I would want to tell myself to look into different programs offered at SKC and other colleges, to see what is most interesting to me. It took 6 years for me to finally decide what major I wanted to get into. If I would of had an idea when I was in High School, I would be atleast a Junior in the business program. However, I do not regret my decsions, because now I am more dedicated to my classes and motivated because of my children. I want to show them that no matter what happens in life, that a higher education is an important tool to succeed in life.


I would tell myself to learn all you can. Don't reguard high school as a time for friends and play. Go to all your classes, do all of your work, and participate in all class discussions. Remember that these four years of schooling will set the tone for college. Have good study habits and do your best. Some of the most important things that you will need for college is writting a good paper, organization, and being able to remember information given. Train yourself now to look for detail in your work.


I would tell my self to leave home to attend college instead of staying there and attending college for a whole entire year and failing. I would tell my self to apply for my own place on campus right away and save up some money for a car for when i go away to college.


First, don't be a fool, go to college immediatly out of high school. You have the advantage of being more familiar to the continuation of Writing and Algebra. That way you won't have to spend extra money going to pre-classes that won't count toward your overall credits. Second, if you don't go to college right out of high school, your income will be significantly lower than a college graduate. Third, life is too short to have regrets about what you did not do, and the knowledge that could have been aquired.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior knowing what I do now, I would tell myself to remember everything that you learned in the final year. The high school that I attended prepared the high school seniors well. I just wish I would have remembered everything that I had learned. My first year of college, I am taking a lot of basic classes to help my knowledge of what I already know build upon itself. If I could have retained the information I learned in high school in a better way, it could have helped me with college a lot more. The other bit of advice that I would give myself is that to study hard. When I was in high school, my GPA was a 3.6. It felt good to have a pretty high grade point average. When I got into college, I managed to get a 4.0 GPA, and it was one of the most amazing feelings that I have had! Thank you very much for reviewing my scholarship. It is greatly appreciated. I hope you take me into consideration as a winning candidate.


Well if i was to talk to me three years ago i would say to never drop out. Try to find out what your passion in school is and pursue it as soon as possible.


I would tell myself to take advantage in what help high school offered and study and get good grades. Also I will tell myself that college is a fun experince and that I will never regret making the decision to go to college.


I would tell myself to manage my money a little better, and to not fill my class schedule because it's very easy to burnout. Take more time figuring out what i wanted to major in rather than going into a field.


As a high school senior, I believed I was ready to take on the world, but I was in need of a reality check. If my present self could talk to my past self, I would advise her to take classes seriously and take good care of her health. When I attended college the first time, I was depressed, overwhelmed, lonely and unaware of all of my problems. I should have seen a doctor or spoken to a councilor. If I had, I might not have failed my first semester. Additionally, attending class and taking good notes is one of the main ways that I have been able to get good grades in more resent attempts at obtaining an education. In high school I was not prepared for what college would be like or what being away from the support of my friends and family would mean. Further more, I would advise my young self to put off having children until she graduates college. I have a total of five wonderful children whom I love, but they are a big part of why I have not yet earned a degree at 34.


I would tell myself to make sure that I am ready to step up be on time. Also to make sure that I can budget myself throughout the year and make sure I know where to go for scholarships. MAke sure that you can get things in on time for scholarships or anyhing like homework, porjects.


I wish that I could tell myself a lot of things. Sometimes I think, if only I had learned to discipline myself, study for tests, and do outside research on new topics, I would already have obtained a bachelors degree. College is different from high school because you have to find time to do your work. Time management is everything as time can be the most important tool to learning. The more time spent on learning about new topics, the more valuable the college education experience becomes. Also, having a positive attitude about learning helps a person to learn more deeply about themselves and their connection to everything that is learned. There is a lot of power that comes from those connections being made and that power is what is truly important in one's quest for education. It's not just about getting good grades or having a lot of friends, it's about becoming a well-rounded person. Most importantly, I wish I could tell my high school self that this life is but a path. The creation of a bright, beautiful, enlightened path made from following one's heart is what makes this college experience purposeful.


One of things to keep in mind in searching for a college, is to be comfortable with possibilities. To find a college that fits you, look into the surrounding area of the campus. What kinds of people attend this institution and what kinds of programs does it offer? Always be open to all things, people change so much all the time, that you may have different interests by the time you attend school, so you may not feel comfortable at your college. So be open-minded about all institutions. It's important for most to learn what the costs of attending the college would be, especially the living expenses. Never be afraid to ask questions about anything when you contact the school. You have the right to know where you'll be spending your time and what you'll be spending them on. One thing that's very helpful of making the most of your college experience is to get involved with all kinds of activities and just go for it! You'll be grateful that you took that leap into the unknown and feel like you have lived many memories. Education is what you make of it!