Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are a diverse group of people at Salt Lake Community College. There are people who are smart and willing to challenge themselves, these are the people who make the school great. However, there are also those who are just trying to pass their classes, every school has a few of these people.


Friendly, alwaus sharing a laugh and answering questions you may have.


The classmates that you can encounter in a classroom can have different perspectives about school and life. I have met many students on my classes, most of the time you will meet people that are willing to help you with anything they can help you with; because they want you to succeed the same way they are succeeding in life. One thing that you need to have on mind is when you are doing team work, everyone has to cooperate in some way even at least try to help.


My classmates at Salt Lake Community College vary dramatically in thier backgrounds, beliefs, educational goals, etc, providing a richly diverse atmosphere in the classrooms which breeds a unique and beneficial learning environment.


My classmates are generally eager to learn the exciting aspects of the culinary industry, including both the classical preparation of cuisine and the business considerations of restaurant management and ownership.


They are of all ages, but we all have the same goal to better our education for the future of our lives. We all have diffrent backgrounds and learning stlyes but we all are able to help each other threw class and outside of class in study groups.


there was a good mixture of mature and recent high school grads. Once in my specific (PTA) program my classmates were overall more mature and driven then in the general ed classes.