Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Salt Lake Community College helps you to get a bachelors degree in a short amount of time. You can go into many different majors and if you would like to continue your education then you can use what credits you have to transfer to another college. It is a good school which helps you to get your education and life on track.


A good and inexpensive way to get your general education courses completed.


It is best known for its cheap prices.


I'm not really sure, but the first time I heard about it was when basketball was going on. I love basketball at SLCC.


Nationally, I couldn't tell you, although our Men's Basketball team players were the NJCAA champs in 2009, so that may be recognizable. For me personally, however, SLCC was a great opportunity for me to further my education in a cost-efficient manner that is close to my home and works comfortably around my family life.


Salt Lake Community College is known best for its diverse student body. There are many different types of students in age, race, and gender. It offers opportunities for all students to graduate and attend higher institutions.


It is known as a school that any person from any race, religion, and background can come to and receive an education in a variety of areas of interest. Though the quality of the teachers or students may not be the best, going to Salt Lake Community College is great option for complete the general requirements that so many universities require.


Great two-year degree programs such as X-Ray Technician, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc.


high level of transfer students to a university


Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), in my opinion, is known for their flexible schedules for working adults. SLCC is also dedicated to fair pricing and one on one student/teacher interaction. It has the feeling of private education for a public education price.