Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

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Salt Lake Community College is flexible with my class times. Working afull time job and finding time to go to college can be tough but evening classes are a must, and Salt Lake Community College offers just what I need.


It is so diverse. There is always people from other countries there wanting to further there education. It's inspiring.


It is not huge or over whelming and it is close to home and cheaper.


It gives you the same feel as a 4 year university. It is very big for a community college.


Small classrooms and a lot of flexibility on class times.


There are many campuses throughout the salt lake area. All the campuses are well maintained, and the organization of the school's operations is amazing.


I like the diversity of this college. so many people to meet, and get to know. There are many different cultures, and all are given a chance to thrive. I like the teachers and the way they teach. I like that I pay for the credits not the degree. That there are many different ways to pay. The most I like though is the flexable scedule which makes it so I can be a mom


The unique thing about my school is everyone is very helpful and everywhere when you walk in you see student getting involved. Not very many people consider are school to be the best or the greatest but it?s because they haven?t experienced and seen what we have done and accomplished throughout the years. Every semester I attend I get convinced a little more that I made the right choice by attending Salt lake community college.


I didn't really consider any other schools only because I heard nothing but good things about SLCC. All the instructors I have had so far in these last 2 semesters have been a great help in my education, especially my math instructor. He made class not only fun but he was a great teacher and explained everything theroughly and easy for me to understand.


I'm not really sure because I never considered another school.