Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The teachers are awesome, the class size is smaller and so the teachers get to know you better and help you get the best grade possible. It's cheaper than a four year school and the credits will easily transfer. It's a perfect way to get started in college and not have to worry about making the tuition payment because it's not overwhelming. You can find a tutor very easily and they will do wha they can to get you that extra help.


I have watched this college grow over the years from a generic trades college to a now four year instituetion. What they provide to their students in the campuses has made the variety of the curriculum easier for me to complete as a part -time student to grow to a full-time student.


I love the flexibility of the schedule of my school. I always tell my friends that my school is way better than theirs because I can take almost all of my classes online if I choose to. I also love that it is so close and conveniently located which makes it cheaper to drive to school. Instead of one campus I can choose from many different campuses in order to make drive time less and get different professors.


The staff in my department are among the most dedicated and passionate people I've ever known with regard to their field. I can't express the joy a person can get from watching their instructor's eyes glaze over with happiness, when discussing something so simple as tomato sauce or pasta. It makes you appreciate them, not as teachers, not as craftsmen, but as people. People who have learned to love the simple things in life.


When it comes to me talking to my friends about SLCC I mostly tell them about how much better College is then High School. I enjoy being independent and not having teachers or other high athority telling me what to do. Altough I am very young to be in College(only 17), I perfer being treated as an adult and the college life gives me exactly that.


I brag most about the teachers at my school, they're always ready to help you understand and learn.


The teachers are great about helping you out whether you in class or at home. They always reply to your emails. And they down'rt overload you with work.


How awesome some of my teachers are and how much fun it is to be an athlete, to get to play, and to watch other sports succeed. I also usually say how nice it is to not have huge classes and how great of a working environment it is.


We have a nice nursing campus with state of the art equipment.