Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The worst thing about my school is classes fill up quick and sometime you don't get the class you want.


An artistic, self-motivated student.


Anyone who doesn't have a lot of money should go to this school.


People seeking to get a great start at higher education, but don't want a serious bill for undergraduate learning.


Anyone looking to transfer to a university or a 4 year college eventually.


Someone who is devoted and hardworking.


It is a communitty college so it is a great place for all kinds of people.


Any person looking forward to just getting their generals done for a degree should go to SLCC. It is VERY cheap and like i said there are numerous locations to choose from to suit you best.


Anyone. They have so many programs availible and resources to help students. The evening classes are great for the working mom.


Anyone looking for diversity in students, looking for manageable class sizes and relatively easy work loads would do great here.


Someone who is determined to recieve a higher education who can't afford to pay a lot for school.


Any beginning or returning student needing to meet gerneral educational credits on a limited budget, this school is the place to go. SLCC has campuses located all over the valley helps you finding classes to meet unique time schedules that fit a student's life style. This makes it easier for them to complete their goal of succeding in their education and starting ahead in life.


This school is for anyone who wants a quality education in a student friendly environment. Salt Lake Community College offers individual learning and plenty of hands on teaching. Convient class schedules allow students to work their way through school at their own pace


Someone who has the mind set to succeed aswell as willing to do what ever it takes. From my own experience it is best to proceed into a career only if you are willing to do as much studying and homework as required to succeed. I once said I would never be good enough for college but until I tried I now think differently. Now I wish I made many different decisions in high school that would have made college life a lot easier, for example, taking college prep classes such as writing, english and math.


This school is great for anyone. There's already a great variety of diverse people. It does require hard work and studying though. It's not a school to slack off at and just slide by.


I feel that anyone wanting to continue a college education can come to this college because of its diverse major choices, its diverse ethnicities, and its diverse age groups.


If you are uneasy about the big classes at a university and want smaller ones this would be a geat place to go. The physical therapist assistant program is amazing at SLCC with really dedicated teachers. This program is amazing! A lot less expensive tuition. Great place to break you in for college before you got to a University.