Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you want a big college then this isn't for you. SLCC is a small college, but it's a great two year school. I


Honestly, Salt Lake Community College is extremly diverse. I feel it would be a great choice for any kind of person.


A person who is wanting to transfer to an IV league school.


People who are expecting and ultimate college experience shouldn't attend this school. It is the kind of school to attend when you are trying to save money. It might be hard to go their if you're coming from an extremely rich area because most of the students their don't have a lot of money.


I don't know why someone wouldn't attend Salt Lake Community College, unless they were set on their major and wanted to enter a 4-year program at the university level.


Anyone can attend Salt Lake Community College. There are several locations and online class options to choose from, the teachers are kind and willing to answer questions. There are oppurtunities to be involved in sports. They are just a good college for any kind of person.


Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is a great school for new students, returning students, or students who have graduated that want to come back to learn more art skills. I have made friends that fit all of these discriptions in the various classes I have taken here at SLCC.


Someone who was looking to have an "A Typicial" college experience. It is a school that allows the busiest of busy people and people who've put off attending school for a while to attend with no pressure. There isn't any on campus housing or anything like that. It's not for someone who wants to go away for college. But it's for everyone else.


You should not attend SLCC if you're looking for the easy way out. This is also not the school for anyone who is looking for the tradional college experience. Student involvement in extra curricular activities are much lower than most college, the main focus is just obtaining the quality education


Someone who is looking to transfer to a 4-year university or who is seeking a 2 year degree.


I feel that this is a wonderful school that is open to everyone from every walk of life. There is no one that shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who wouldnt take a community college seriously. Also a student who is only looking for a bachelors degree and is not planning to transfer their credits. Such as someone who wanted to go to a university I would suggest them to go to that school in the first place instead of wasting their time at a community college and finding out they couldnt tranfer some of their credits. A student needs to be determined and figure out what kind of major they want before coming to a community college. Enter your education dreams in to the desired path choices.


If you plan on living away from home for a long time in a dorm while attending SLCC, SLCC is not your school. If you feel you are ready to head off to a University to complete your major and minor, then SLCC may not be a preferrable place to start, unless you wish to complete general courses first before going to a bigger school for your specific major and minor.


I think people who are only going to school because they're being forced to by their parents or other pressures. I know a lot of kids like that and they're just miserable -- I also have classes with kids I can only assume are like that because they don't care about group projects and text half the class period!


I do not think there is a "type" of person that should or should not attend this school. Salt Lake Community College has a very diverse campus and many different resources for individuals with varied circumstances. There are many students fresh out of high school as well as non-traditional students such as myself, who have decided to go back to school. SLCC is very welcoming and I really feel like it's a great option for anyone who wants to pursue further education, either for a 2 year degree or as a stepping stone to even further education.


Someone who has poor organization skills. A lot of these classes require a lot of self discipline and one doesn't get a lot of help generally from professors.


The great thing about a community college is that everyone and anyone can attend. It gives an opportunity for those who can't afford to go to a university to get the education they need. All that is required of a student is the desire to better themselves by obtaining the skills and knowledge that will set them in their course for their career.