Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is expensive


The most frustrating thing I found to be was the entire regristration process. It was extremely confusing and there was not much help offered by the staff.


The most frustrating thing about attending school is finding a way to pay for it. I make too much to qualify for federal grants, but too little to afford to pay the monthly installment payments offered by my community college. This is one case where you are punished for being middle class. I work full time and support myself fully. I also attend college full time and have gotten nothing less than an A- for the past year and one half. Yet still, I do not qualify for financial aide. It is very frustrating.


The most frustrating thing would be! That sometimes you dont find out about things tell the last minute with your financial aid. It makes it so sometimes you have to wait for that help. I use the extra grant money to pay bills while being a student. I need that money and cannot afford for it to be late.


.There are not many frustrating things about my school, because there are many enthusiastic people willing to help you with any concerns that you have about school and they will help you with all the steps on the way to get where you are supposed to be. My school is offers many things that will help you make your education fun and worthy. All you have to do is just look and don?t be afraid of asking for help.


It is impossible for every high school student to know what career they want to pursue as soon as they graduate from high school. So why college students are still undecided on a major they are wasting so much money on classes they end up not needeing for their specific degree. College is so expensive!


There are a lot of students who don't seem to want to be there or are not taking the process seriously. This is primarily due to their age and how much time they've spent out of high school before going to college. These are the students who are usually the most disruptive. The only advice I can give is be patient and try to get past the 1000 level classes. Usually, the immature students don't make it past the lower end college courses and by the time you reach 2000 level classes you're in the clear.


the way that the school is ran


The long lines that I had to stand in to get the help I wanted in order to get started at the school. However, they have made some changes since I started a couple of years ago and seem to be getting better.


The tuition get rising but I wasn't really seeing where all the extra money was going. The program that I was in was very intense. The parking situation at the Jordan campus is kind of a joke if you could find a place to park. Not too many negatives at all.