Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?




There are always thing that you wish you had known. I wish I had met known what the whole program entailed as well as what other credits I would need before I could even get into the program.


The only thing that i wish i had known before going to Salt Lake Community College is deciding what i want to major in.


I wish I had begun the process to qualify for tuition wavers from the begining. I attended this school 10 years prior and had to drop out due to work conflicts. Now that I have started up again, those incomplete grades have caused my GPA to be lower and I am having to go through an extensive appeal process. I wish I had known how much those grades would effect my ability to pay for school.


I wish I would have known the importance of studying and doing homework. I have found as I am in my third year of post high school education that I learn a lot in the classroom, but the best way to truely know the subject matter that I am being taught in lecture is to read the accompanying textbook. Studying on your own enhances your learning in a way I never before could have imagined. If I had known that earlier, I would not have had to re-take my genetics class.


I actually attend the Art Institute of Salt Lake. It has only been in Draper for a period of about three years. I entered the school knowing that I would need to take out some hefty loans in order to pay for school. Now that I am in my third of seven quarters I wish that I could have known the stress that taking out such loans would be. I have always been the sort of person to avoid debt of any kind and school is the only thing I am willing to go into debt for.


I wish I had known that I would get bored with online classes. I thought it would be nice because I could do the classes whenever I wanted to, but it turned out that it was very depressing without face to face communication with the other students. This semester I am liking school much more.


I wish I knew that at SLCC there are a lot of older people returning back to school. I feel like I am not able to connect as well with them because of the huge age difference. But I also feel like I can learn a lot from what they have gone through in their lifes.


I wish I would have known the specific requirements for the Westminster College Psychology program so that I would not have wasted so much time taking classes that I did not need. I also wish I would have known the quality of the professors before I had them as teachers.


How much it really would have been worth my time to have taken college-credit courses in high school that were available to me. I really wich that I would have taken more concurrent enrollment classes while in high school. It was such a good deal because you only had to pay a one-time $35 fee and you could take as many classes as you wanted. If I would have taken subjects such as English and science classes I could most likely have a degree by now.


I wish I'd have been told to look at EVERYTHING. Sometimes you take a class you think you need and you find out you needed something else -- and some science classes have alternate versions that are not for science majors, and unless you read the fine print, you might end up taking the non-science major class when you're a science major. And I wish someone would have told me that, occasionally, knowing your professor is almost as important as knowing the material -- so pay CLOSE attention that first week to their personality.


I wish I had known what my field of study was going to be when I first began attending school so many years ago. I would be closer to graduating and completing my degree.