Salt Lake Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Good education for a good price. Class sizes are small enough to help learn, but enough classes to have proper availability. Teachers are practical with their teaching, and the credits transfer well to other universities if desired.


Salt Lake Community College is a very diverse school that has many different cultures and ethnicities. I really enjoy the positive environment of the campus as well as the classes. A lot of the classes are smaller so the lectures feel more personable, and after class you are not waiting in a huge line to ask your teacher a question. The school offers free resorces to students such as: doctor exams, tutoring, massages, health and wellness center. and many more! You can recieve the same credits at the community college for less than half at a University.


SLCC has multipile programs for your associates degree, there is much diversity here and support for the academic goals one wishes to achieve.


The understanding and willing to help out resources and teachers.


The best thing(s) about my school would have to be the abilty to make your schedule fit how you like it. You don't have to go from 8:00 to 2:30 anymore, you can make it how if fits into your life. The second best thing about my school would be there are numerous locations throughout where i live so if makes it easy to always find a campus. Third best things would be the learning center . You get free tutoring! It's great for math.


My school is a commuter school which allows me to have the flexibilty of a full time job and a still be a full time student. Lower tuition, flexible class schedules, and access to other resources in the community are granted with SLCC. With several campuses I can attend wherever which is really convenient.


The best thing at Salt lake Community College is everyone is really friendly, I am part of a few clubs there and we really are like a community we all get involved here and try to get everyone else involved. It?s great and fun! A lot of people attend and more people are registering every semester. Because were awesome!!


I would consider the best thing about my school is how it is cheaper than most schools. Come classes are transferable and will let you go to the University of your choice. Teachers and counslers are very helpful and will help you choose the right path even if you havent decided on your major. Salt Lake Community College is a school that will welcome you and let anyone come in. Its a school that isnt hard to get into like other school I know. You dont have to have the highest grade point average to get in to this school


The instructors at Salt Lake Community seem to care about the students. With the few classes that I've taken they seem to take an interest on our opinions and also they provide different means for us to be able to pass the classes such as tutoring sessions. I enjoy the face that my classes seem pretty small, on average about 25 to 30 students per (at the Jordan Campus).


I think the greatest thing about Salt Lake Community College is how assessable it is for many different people. They are dedicated to keeping tuition low, registration and admissions simple, classes relatively small and the financial aid office has always been very supportive. I think college can be very intimidating and SLCC allows a easier transition to a university, especially for students like myself who have decided to go back to school after being in the workforce.


I love the experience that you can receive there, despite the fact that it is just a small community college. It is very close to home, easy for anyone of any age to go there, and fairly inexpensive for what it's worth.