Salve Regina University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Salve has a small, friendly atmosphere.


Salve Regina University is a beautiful oceanview school with a strong liberal arts program that is holistic and wellrounded.


SRU is a beautiful small private coeducational college with the exact major I wanted, which is special education and elementary education.


A close-knit university in a scenic location that provides the foundation for a professional career as well as invaluable connections.


My school is very dedicated to students; helping them learn, grow, and achieve all that they can.


Salve Regina is a great school academically, socially, and athletically.


Salve is a small liberal arts school.


Very small school that is student oriented and beautifully located next to the water and mansions!


Salve encourages students to explore their own academic and extracurricular activities and has incredibly capable and supportive faculty that support their needs.


Salve is a welcoming place.


A quaint college world located in an unbelievably beautiful setting!


Salve has a beautiful campus with friendly and diverse students. It provides everything a student might need, although the food could be improved.


A beautiful campus on the beach that allows students to both achieve in as well as outside the classroom


Northface jacket, Vera Bradley bags, and uggs are pretty much a requirment fo all girls who go there.


like an extension of highschool


thanx for the maximum words aloud because that makes my job just that much easier*_-_Schoolisbeautifulandgolden_-_*...... but thats meaningless now... i have ur attention.. i would love a scholarship to go back there... please give it to me... i make music.. i realeased a cd.... . I'm a website designer. artist. and a genius at music.. that is enough said... now it would be quite gratiutious for me not to recieve my "You could win a 10,000$ scholarship" swindle.. you locusts" after all this work... and a bundle... god bless* heheh


Prepy, all about the way it looks, superficial with some excellent professors to redeam the university.


Salve is a small but beauitful and challenging school.