Salve Regina University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The type of girls that attend


My school is best known for producing highly qualified nurses.


Salve Regina is specifically known for its excellence in nursing and education. These two programs have received consistent recognition throughout the years and students that have graduated from Salve in these fields have most always received their job of choice. Both areas of study are intense, competitive and require hard work, motivation and a love for subject matter in order to excel in these fields of study.


Surfing, the mansions, and the city itself.


The location


I would say the relationship between students and faculty. It's a pretty small school so that allows for a very close interaction level between students and teachers. It is very helpful and they always make themselves available to you for anything, even personal situations along with academic.


Salve Regina is best known for the beautiful campus and nursing program.


Salve is best known for its "On the rise" academics and its beautiful campus.


Being a small campus in a small city that allows you to know the majority of the school's population.


I think our school is best known for the area it lies in. Its a very nice area with the beach right down the road. Also Newport is a great city and has great restaurants and has great views of the ocean.


Salve is best known for it's beautiful campus and surrounding town. It is also known to be a school for rich kids, which is not the case although most kids act like it.


Salve Regina University is best known for Education and Nursing majors. Also the school is famous for location and placement. Salve is in the middle of historic and beautiful Newport RI and sits on the cost of Narragansett Bay. It is truely stunning and a calming productive place to go to school.