Salve Regina University Top Questions

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The campus life team really works hard to get to know every single student.


The history of Salve Regina Universtiy was one of the biggest aspectss that interested me about the school. The majority of the school's buildings are old mansions and te fact that the school takes such great care of them and makes them completely available to the students is amazing. All of the students have such an appreciation for this and the school's sense of community is like no other.


I felt at home at this school. The students are able to know their teachers and better interact in the classroom due to its small size. I feel as if the Salve Regina community is like a family in the sense that we are there for one another. Other school s that I looked at were much bigger and did not have that homey feel to them. It makes the learning experience more enjoyable.


The campus here at Salve is incredible. The academic buildings and residence halls are mostly renovated mansions, and the campus is right on the cliffwalk. Newport is a small town on an island, so it's very different than a bustling city. In the winter, it's mainly the Salve students who stay in Newport, since the summer tourists go home. However, there are always weekend visitors asking us how to get to the Breakers mansion, or Belcourt Castle. It is a very cool, historic, and unique place to live.


Salve instantly felt like home from the moment I stepped foot on campus. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming.


The small class sizes (ususally 20 people max), the VIA program (a philosophically based curriculum designed as a team effort based on dialogue, professor collaboration, and even smaller class sizes), the Core Curriculum (founded firmly upon the ideals of liberal education)


It sucks


Again the location makes it unique from other schools. It is also a very small school which makes it different from other schools.


The location, it's gorgeous. It's the main reason I decided to come to school here.


Since Salve is such a small school and prides itself on its family-like atmosphere, it lends itself to fostering self-understanding and growth in order to maximize your learning potential and acceptance of yourself. The professors at this school are unbelievably helpful and caring and the way in which the student body and faculty truly accept each and every individual is remarkable.


the smallness make your run into the same people alot.


nextdoor to the ocean


Salve Regina is definitely unique for its location, including the cliff walk and the mansions. The art facilities are new and really nice.


The location and the friendliness of the students.


small classes, personal relationships with professors, sense of close community