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What are the most popular student activities/groups?




Student organizations are generally lacking in variety, attendance, and resources. As a small school, there isn't a lot of funding for extracurriculars. This is compounded by the fact that so many students leave for the weekends, which deters the administration from further investing in activities when the current ones are often ignored. One thing that disappointed me was the false advertising Salve distributed to new students, listing all the clubs and activities on campus. The list included many organizations that hadn't existed for years (ie horseback riding, which ended in the early 90s but was being advertised until 2010). SRU Dance is a large group that does a dance show each semester with a lot of student participation, and there's also a theatre group that performs each semester as well, and is small enough for almost everyone to get a part. Other than the major clubs, though, each one seems to be led by one or two charismatic leaders and is constantly under threat of being disbanded for low participation. Our sports are D3 (the lowest level), so there isn't much of a school sport fan base or really competitive programs. I guess it would be good if you preferred a more laid-back, hobby-level of playing sports. There are no fraternities or sororities on campus, which is odd because I can see them easily catching on among the type of students who go to Salve. I've been to other schools and am not the biggest fan of Greek life, but I think it could actually benefit Salve by bringing more people together in a community that is otherwise disjointed and lacking in traditions or major annual events.