Salve Regina University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe the worst thing about the school was the lack of career guidance.


The worst thing about my school was the fact that it was very easy to be distracted by the beauty of the Cliff Walk outside of the classroom windows. It made it hard not to want to run outside and enjoy the beautiful setting.


The worst thing about my school is that there are not many sports facilities such as turf fields or hockey rinks located on campus.


I have nothing bad to say about Salve Regina University academically; however, the cafeteria food is not very good. I have lost weight from not eating as much since I have begun school. There are lots of healthy options for meals, but the Sodexo food services try to get too fancy with their meals and they are not appealing to the students.


There are very few things that are 'bad' at my school. The first things that come to mind are the health center (it is a small weight and cardio room with no pool or track on campus), the size of the school (it is only 2200 students, I think I would have liked the experience with 3500 or so students; i think the atmosphere would have been more lively), and the lack of ethnic diversity. Salve is slowly accepting more racially diverse students, but it's population is still heavily caucasian.


My school is simply to small. The classes all fill up before the semester starts and many students have to be turned away.


Most students are really rich and treat those who receive a lot fo finanical aid badly and tend to exclude them because they don't have a lot of extra money.


The food is horrible and they need to get more upperclassmen to live on campus.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. It's something that I really miss especially coming from such a diverse city (Boston) and high school. Don't get me wrong the people are nice it just seems that they all have similiar views and lifestyles that I cannot associate with.


Many of the students that come here are from extremely wealthy families and are expecting a crazy party school.


The fees they charged when we graduated.


Salve is a Catholic University and you are reminded that with basically every core class you must take to graduate. Sometimes it is difficult to put your own religion, or religious practices on the back burner when learning about a religion or a practice that you do not prefer to partake in.


newport is cold and empty in the winter


The worst thing about my school is there wasn't much emphasis on sports. We had all the regular sports teams, but there wasn't much school support and unfortunately they weren't really good. Coming from a high school with a huge athletic support following, it was disappointing not wanting to go to the football or hockey games.


mostly all white catholic. not a divrse community


The one thing i feel that is the worst is I wish that more people got involved in events on campus. I feel that there could be more spirit then there is. Not many people go to sporting events or other events dealing with campus. I feel if there was more emphasis we would have more school spirit, be a closer school, and have more fun as a community.


The only social activity on the weekends is binge drinking .


The girl/guy ratio is way too big (too many girls - skinny and rich). It's small, feels smaller every year - freshman year it's not bad. Sometimes it's frustrating dealing with offices and paperwork but people are usually pretty helpful. The cafeteria is gross on the weekends, during the week it's not that great. There aren't enough options for food on campus. As a senior in bio, i have no idea what I'm going to do next year. My freshman advisor was terrible because he was a generalized advisor. Lots of parking tickets.