Salve Regina University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


someone who likes small classrooms and a small school where you pretty much know everyone. if you want to have your teachers easily accesible and you dont want to go to a TA for everything- TAs are there to help not really teach the class like some schools


Anyone who enjoys being near the ocean.


A determined person who fits well in a small campus.


Rich upper class kids


A person looking for an undergraduate experience focused on individual attention, close friendships, and the opportunity to stand out as a leader should attend Salve Regina. Just like everything in life, college is what you make of it--if you are involved you will succeed and have a great time. A small community such as Salve, provides the perfect opportunity to make lasting professional as well as personal connections. If you are looking to make a name for yourself, Salve Regina University is the school for you.


People who do well at this university are those who are out going, active, and dedicated to their major. Seeking out the best classes, professors, friends, and study habits are learned and mastered during the four years at this school. Salve Regina can provide the capacity for self growth if the person is willing to put in effort to confront one's personality and seek genuine change.


The person who would attend Salve Regina University must have a deep appeciation for hands-on learning that allows for a deep connection bewtween the professor and student. I really feel challenged by my professors and schoolwork at Salve, yet I feel i posess the knowledge and ability to conquer these difficulties and suceed during my tenure here.


Someone who will enjoy a small close knit community. The campus is small and much like highschool, everyone knows everyone. People who like to stay focused and work hard will do well at this school


People who don't mind running into people they know all the time and who are friendly and outgoing would love this school. Tight knit groups are formed here so everyone is very close by the time senior year rolls around.


Love being close to the water. Small classes with very caring professors and faculty. SMALL SCHOOL!


A person who wants to learn in a beautiful environment with an infinite number of resources.


Overall, someone who can be flexible and focused in their school work and easygoing in personality would fit in well at Salve Regina. The type of person that should attend Salve Regina is also one who likes small town living: there is not a lot to do on the weekends or at night, so I think that students who are more familiar with large town or city life would be bored and restless. I came from a small, relaxed town and high school, so the size and comfort of Salve is perfect for me.


Someone who likes small environments


People interested in becoming a Nurse or a Teacher. Other than that the wealthy people who just want a college experience.


fun loving, go with the flow people, who would enjoy the community.