Salve Regina University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Don't come to Salve if you don't like being near the ocean or New England weather.


a person who likes to party thursday-sunday.. unless you're on or know a lot of people on a sports team that can get you into the sports houses


A person who would not be fit for this school would be a person who is looking for a big division one school.


Salve Regina University is a small campus with approximately two thousand undergraduates, thus people who are looking for a spread out campus with a large student population should not attend this university. In addition, Salve Regina University does not have fraternities or sororities, hence those students interested in participating in Greek life should not come here. Lastly, Salve Regina University is a liberal arts school, which entails taking classes outside of one's major. Therefore, if a student only wants to take classes applying to his or her major, Salve Regina University would not be the right fit.


Someone who expects the school to have no affiliation with the catholic religion. my roommate freshman year was agnostic and was mad she had to take religion - then dont come to a catholic school!!!


ethinically diverse


someone looking for a large school with many students


Salve is an open-minded school who accepts everyone. There are opportunities for every type of person. I don't think there is anyone who shouldn't go there.


A person who is a minority or is different than the white upper middle class catholic upbringing.


A lof of the girls here tend to have a lot of money or at least seem like they do and it seems to be a rich school but i have found my group of friends that don't care about any of that. I think any one can attend this school because like every other school once you find friends it doesn't matter where you are.


One who is looking for a large party school


If you like the city, a diverse environment, wearing funky clothes, and are heavy into drugs this school is not for you.




cool people


I don't know.


People not interested in taking nursing or education courses.


People that shouldnt come to this college: People from outside of New England. Everyone goes home on the weekends. People that want a diverse college experience. Most people are narrow minded. People that really like school spirit.