Salve Regina University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Salve Regina University is the arrogance of some students and the lack of diversity at the school. Many students attending this college are wealthy, since the overall cost for tuition, room and board is high, thus some of the students boast about being able to afford an education at Salve Regina University. In addition, the majority of the students at Salve Regina University are Caucasian, thus it is difficult to learn about other cultures and meet racially diverse people.


That they don't offer financial aid for internationak students like me, that's why I'm participating here, to win money to pay.


I think the most frustrating aspect of Salve Regina is the amount of wealthy families that send their children to this university. Although Salve is somewhat diverse ethnically and religiously, the pressure that students have on other students and their wealth is frustrating and upsetting. I wish that there was not as much competition over which families have more money than others.


The size of the school is on the smaller side, which means that you tend to know a lot of people, which can be a good thing, but people always find out everything about everyone. Also people tend to stick with their close friends and are not open to hanging out with new people.


lack of social opportunities for those who do not drink.


Not that culturally diverse


The school is poorly administrated and is run by catholic nuns. It is also very liberal. The athletics here suck and the athletic facilities and staff are even more terrible. Faculty like to lecture too much and alot of them are liberal and I feel like they have a bias against hard core conservative military men like myself.


small size cant meet new people no parties


Liberalism is everywhere.