Salve Regina University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had realized what am impact the male to female ratio would be.


It can be extremely difficult to land a work study job, especially when you play a fall season sport, because there aren't many (if any) left once the season is over.


Because I am happy with the school, had taken tours, and met several of the professors at open houses, there was not a lot of information that I feel I did not get that I need to know. The only thing that I wish I knew was the course requirement for my major so that I could have avoided taking a class that I needed to withdraw from, partially because I did not need to take it.


I have to start by saying that researching is one thing that im good at so i did my research on the school and its environment before i apply but i have to say that i would of been more comfortable knowing how im going to pay for the school before i came. im still on a rough path but i love the school sooo much, i dont wanna give up and go somewhere so my family and i are really struggling to pay it off.


I wished that I had known just how much I was going to have to balance. I had to balance class, homeowork, tennis, and a social life. Also, I would have liked to know how it was going to be living with two roommates indtead of just one.


That I don't need as much as I brought


That the entire social scene if off campus. Unless you're into binge drinking and having sex with older guys, you won't be going out on the weekend.


I wish I knew more about the colleges financial aid situation.


I wish i knew what I wanted to do. I am going for education. I enjoy the classes. I feel that I got lucky because I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in and now I have had the chance in school to take education classes. They have influenced me into becoming a teacher and I enjoy that I have the chance to go to the surrounding elementary schools and have the practice that i do.


The food is not very good.