Salve Regina University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the campus to be the best thing about the school. This is because the classrooms and some dorms are built into the Newport mansions, which are significantly better to look at than dull, brick buildings. The campus is not too big, making it easy to walk around, and it is on the trolley route that allows us to get off campus easily if we need to go into town.


Friends, surrounding town, beach


Location, class, professor and student relationships


There is nothing good about this school. They do not care about anything but the reputation and do not cater to the student's care or needs to succeed.


It's location.


The beautiful campus that is located on the cliffwalk as well as rich with cultural diversity.


small class sizes


The best thing about Salve Regina University is that the people here are driven and know what they want. If you are looking for a school with motivated and creative peers Salve's education classes are for you.


The best thing about Salve Regina is the small class sizes and friendships between the students and select faculty. It seems that each student can say they have one professor that really cares for their future success. Also, the students that attend Salve are genuinely nice and friendly people. The students get along well with each other, the faculty and the neighborhood making it a welcoming environment for freshman, transfer and current students alike.


projects because they are often self assigned topics


I like the academics. Everyone does what they are supposed to for the most part. Most students enjoy partying on the weekends.


Great location, amazing scenery, people are generally helpful. The classes are small, teachers are very easy to talk to and are very willing to help. There is some diversity which is nice, and I've never seen any problems with. Campus security does a great job. On campus housing is easy to get normally, although room draw is terrible. Good resources in the library, very helpful staff there. Newport is a small town, so most people know eash other, it's easy to get a job, and everything's within walking distance.


small class sizes and friendliness of people on campus there is always something going on to interact and get involved on campus