Sam Houston State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very friendly. We are always trying to connect with each other so that way we will be able to succed in different or same classes. There are very smart students and are very goal driven. They know what they want to do and how they want it done. The students create a very unique enviroment that you want to be apart of. We are always finding creative ways to have fun.


They are all very nice. I haven't met a person that I don't like. They like to include you in activities. It feels like we're all family.


I would describe my classmates as enthrawling, gifted individuals who have chosen to enrich their futures with all the benefits that college can provide them.


My classmates are eccentric, passonate, and fun; seriously the coolest and diverse group of people one could ever come across.


My class mates are unique.


My classmates are loud, and crazy but they do get their work done when the teacher ask them too.


I have not meet a lot but some seem really nice and some seem like they are still in high school.


My classmates are very involves with their work. Many are very dedicated and are passionate about thier education.


At first people are a little stand off-ish in classes other than my ag classes. In my ag classes everyone was very welcoming.


My classmates are a very diverse group.


I have never been around so many diverse and understanding group of peers who are just as eager to learn as I am.


My classmates are a very diverse group from all over the world and from all walks of life.


My classmates were a collection of diverse people who all enjoyed life, and they were always good to me.


The students here are great, they're very friendly and helpful, making new friends has been great.


My classmates are not very interacted with one another sometimes.


The students at Sam are friendly and fun loving.


My classmates come from a variety of different ethnic and ecomomic backgrounds. During my history class, everyone had to stand and tell their name and share some information about their family. I was surprised to hear all the different accents and home towns. It made me a little afraid to tell my history in my slightly country accent but I did and to my surprise everyone applauded me. I guess you can describe my classmates as different as night and day but all striving for the same goal of an education.


My classmates are brave, selfless, and caring.


My classmates are very nice and willing to help someone when they're in need.


My classmates are diverse.


A couple of my classmates and I really enjoy this great experience were having at Sam Houston State University. It's fun attending here because you get to meet alot of new people from all over the world. I'm glad that im a proud Bearkat.


Overall, my classmates have been nice and helpful.


I am in the Art Program so my fellow classmates are talented, innovative, expressive, and creative souls!


my classmates are very nice, positive, helpful, and very interactive.


My classmates are very elpful and are willing to listen to what I have to say.


My classmates are either the know-it-all who love to call out every answer or the quiet, shy person who prefers to be the wall flower for the whole semester.


You might feel a little out of place at first, but all of your classmates feel the same way. Speak up! Help along discussions in class because it will not only will it bring your classmates views into the light, but it also helps the learning process go faster!


My classmates are very bright. I am now to the point that I only have upperlevel math and Chemistry classes so my classmates are very interested in math and science. Also they are very smart and know what they want out of life. They all have goals and know exactly when they want to graduate and are ready to do so.


A diverse group of peers who are either there to learn or there to sleep.


My classmates are like family to me because we are all in the school of music, so we not only see each other during the day in classes and throughout the music buliding, we hang out together afterwards, and in many cases, such as my own, live together.


Most students have as much going on in their lives as you do and it can be hard to make friends.


my classmates are of different races and cultures and have very different personalities but bring alot of things to the table to offer.


very outgoing.


Most of my classmates are very driven and know what they want in life.


My classmates can be describe as unforgetable because you never know what they are going to do or say.


My classmate are ambitous indivisuals.


Ready to help if asked.


Fun, helpful, but some can be odd and annoying because they are art students.


All kinds of different people


Very simple, regular people who are here just like me to get a good education.


Helpful in and outside of class.


My classmates are mostly friendly and willing to help.