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I love that my university keeps the classrooms small because all of my professors know me by name and they are almost like family to me. They all care about my well-being and they aren't afraid to check in on me if they feel something is wrong or if they feel that I am struggling on any course work. Most universities don't have teachers who are as involved with student's lives like my university.


Sam Houston State University is well known throughout Texas. It is located in Huntsville which is a small town. What makes SHSU unqiue is that you do not get lost easily, and if you do, you find your way back really quick. You also see familiar faces everywhere you go. You're also welcomed everywhere!


Helpful students, faculty and staff.


Sam Houston is a relatively small school, but I do not regret coming here at all. The daily activities ranging from Midnight Breakfast to Salsa Night keeps me going during the week, and these things relax my mind from classes. When I first stepped into the classroom my professors greeted me warmly, and made me feel as if I was a person, not a number. In the bigger universities you have to approach the Professors, but at Sam it is totally reversed. I love the atmosphere that comes along with Sam Houston, and I would tell anyone to come here.


Sam Houston State UNiversity is the best campus to be on mainly becuase the staff and faculty. Each one are caring and devoted to assisting the students with any and all of their needs so that they will be able to excell in their future endeavores.


It is one of the best Educator Preparation Programs that are available. I have talked to numerous potential employers and all of them said Sam Houston has sent them wonderful teachers and they would consider Sam Houston State University graduate applicants above all else.


Texas is known for a number of things. In Hunstville, TX there happens to be a major prison system, and my school, Sam Houston State University. My school has a bizzare mascot: the bearkat. No one here's exactly sure if that was, or is an actually animal, but I'm proud! Another unique thing about my school is the sense of family I felt at freshman orientation.


It is a smaller school, which allows the ratio of students vs. teachers to be convinient when the student needs additional help. It allows an opportunity to receive more attention from your professor. Most other universitites are rather large, and sometimes the professors dont even know who you are, students are just numbers. While at Sam Houston, you can actually get a chance to bond with the professor to make the best of the class taken in a semester.


Sam Houston State University has an more than excellent Criminal Justice programs. The prison system around campus is strong and secure. My city is full of job opportunities for Criminal Justice majors. Sam Houston is number one in the state of Texas for their program and third in the national. I love this school and wouldnt rather be anywhere else.


Sam Houston State has a family atmosphere that allows for you to feel welcome in a new situation also the teacher's show great concern in making sure students come away with more knowledge than they had before they came to Sam Houston. Although Sam Houston isn't one of the bigger colleges in Texas students who leave Sam Houston are usually very motivated individuals ready to experience the real world.


Some schools are not friendly at all. There are cliques and stereotyped groups on campus, whereas at Sam Houston State University everyone is accepted. If you are a Bearket, then you are worthy of being anyone's friend, study partner, or anything else you can think of. You have free range as well. You can create organizations and organize activities, which is done all the time. It's just a place where you can be you.


that everyone is pretty friendly and that there don't seem to be any problems that don't have solutions


We have at least three colleges within in our school that are the best in Texas. College of Criminal Justice, College of Education, as well as College of Fine Arts.


I think what's unique is that it's in a small town, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything to do


The price makes it more affordable than most, the school was closer to my hometown and the campus was nice.




The campus is very well kept and appealing to the eye.


HR program


criminal justice


The school has several conservative liberal arts professors most notably in history.


It is small and friendly.


It has a personal concern for each individual student and their academic success. They also have a wonderful Agriculture Department


Sam Houston is a great school for my major.


It's small, but not too small. The people are very friendly and it seemed much more individual and independent than other schools I had considered.