Sam Houston State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When talking to my friends about Sam Houston State University, I brag about several things. I transferred to Sam Houston State University from BYU-Idaho. BYU-I does not have a football team, so I find myself bragging about going to football games and the atmosphere around it. The SHSU football team had an exceptional season, so I thoroughly enjoyed bragging about the teams accomplishments. Another thing I brag to my old college friends about is the diversity at Sam Houston State University. I was not expecting to have such multiracial classes, so it came as a pleasant surprise.


I brag about how great the criminal justice program is here. It's amazing. You make so many connections and get to meet a lot of different people in the field you want to work in some day. You also have great interships and we have an amazingly beautiful campus. It's very eonomic and it's reasonable to live on campus.


It's very quiet and calm. There isn't a lot of commotion on campus.


Sam Houston State University is a humongous school. Every time I see my friends and family I have a lot to brag about. The first days on campus, people came up to me and offered me if I needed help. When you're a freshman in college you do not expect people to come up to you and then become great friends. People are actually friendly here. It feels like home.


The diversity and the fact that Sam Houston is really a big family. We really support one another.


We have the number one criminal justice center in the world, and there is an eight to one girl to guy ratio!


How exceptional the professors are!


We are a small campus, so classes are smaller and there is a lot more one-on-one time available with the professors. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, and the groundskeepers put a lot of effort into keeping the school clean and looking perfect. We have so much school spirit here, and students support eachother in many, many ways.


The thing I brag about most to my friends is the many friends people that attend Sam Houston State. I know no strangers here at Sam. Everyone is willing to talk to you and help you out in many different ways. The smaller class sizes also allow you to find friends that share same interest as you in your field of study. This is very important when forming study groups to help make it through the classes.


When I brag about SHSU, I tell others about the small town feeling that I felt as a student. The town and the campus itself is not very fast pased and that was good for me. The professors truly care about the education of the students and are always available for assistance. As an Alum of SHSU, I am also proud of how progressive the school is becoming with each passing year. Many new buildings are being erected. There are also many new degree programs that are starting soon such as the nursing program.


Honestly, I tend to brag about the food places that surround the area. In fact, the Woodlands Mall is only about 45 minutes south. There's even more things to do there. The thing about my school I'd say, one would most certainly do well with a car if they get bored easily. There's isn't much to brag about persay. There's certainly things to share. Some things only certain people are interestested in so my school is pretty much what you make of it.


My first three years in college, I attended Houston Community College , but i lived with my grandmother. Now I attend a Sam Houston State university , but I live in an apartment dorm. At first it scary being away from home , but now that is the best thing about going to a university. I brag all the time about not having to share a room with someone you don't know. Although we share the apartment we still have our own personal space, which gives me a sence of privacy.


I love to brag about how beautiful our campus is. The landscapers do such a good job year round to make sure that our campus looks presentable 365 days of the year. I also talk about how great the food is here. We have the option of fast food places such as Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King on campus, but we also have a dining hall called Belvin, that offers a lot of homemade, health, and not so healthy food choices for you. Both the fast food places and Belvin are included in the meal plans.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag that my major is Mass Communications, Broadcast Production with an Emphasis in Communication and Dan Rathers sponsors the department I have set my degree plan in.


I feel that Sam Houston State has a fairly equal represented balance of each ethnicity. If I was to construct a pie-chart to represent the deferent groups. I feel that it would most likely be proportioned to where the ethnic groups of African-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic?s would make up seventy-five percent of the student body, each claiming a quarter a piece. The last quarter would concept of Asian and or ?Other?. This characteristic of Sam defines what college should be, a place to move out of your comfort-zone and broaden your horizons.


I like to tell them about the activities that go on around campus to promote student involvment. Also, considering i am a art student, I love to brag about how open the art building, student and falculty are, where each person can express their selves freely.


The consistency, and they are hands on, and they handle everything within a reasonable time frame, financial aid, registration, everything.


My school is going to allow me to be able to get the type of Business career that I am striving for. Also I brag to my friends about my school being an institution that prepares you for your future; I dont think that many people leave my school without being prepared for a career of their choice. Most teachers on campus tend to encourage us to push past our expecatations to achieve great results.


I tell them about the really fun people that I have met. I always really appreciate how supportive everybody is at SHSU. It gives you a feeling that the whole community around you is hoping that you will succeed. I have never felt like an outcast while I have been learning at SHSU. Having this feeling has made it so much easier to relax and not worry about the social aspect of college but rather the academic aspect. As you mature at SHSU, you grow into the responsible seniors that you meet your freshmen year.


that its pretty cheap but the education is high in terms of quality and the opportunities are numerous


I would tell them how much fun it is to be on campus and there's small classrooms so it makes the classes seem easier


The social scene at night, and the beauty of the small town feel.


I'm not one to brag, but I would say the campus is nice, its affordable, the degree programs are good and its not such an uptight school.


The openness and availability of professors to students.


On campus, Friendly/ Responsive Faculty and students. It is very easy to make friends in almost all classes. It is nice that it is a small town and everything is close by. The prices are amazing and very college friendly: movies are $3 before 6pm and bowling is $6. The campus is a beautiful and classes are never too far to walk.


The nice people


i brag about how up to date my school is and how hands on the profeesors can be and the friendly enviornment.


the football team


How easy all my schoolwork is. Death Row is on campus.


How my friends are always around and even though it is a small town there is always something to do


Our Criminal Justice program and where it has taken me so far.




Usually, you won't find me bragging at all. However, if I decide to, I'd brag about the gym. We have an amazing work-out facility. By far the best part of campus. Even Huntsville for that matter. The gym has great hours and offers so many different machines. It includes courts for basketball, volleyball, raquetball, etc. It has an indoor track and a nice swimming pool.


Not really a whole lot...I think I do more complaining than I do bragging. The only thing I brag about is how many math people are here and how I have made a few short term friends that are also math majors.


How easy the workload is. All my friends at other universities are always stressing out about an upcoming test or something and here at Sam Houston, the work is pretty easy. You just have to stay on top of the ball and everything will work out.