Sam Houston State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Sam Houston is the hills, walking around campus is a drag because it feels like it is uphill both ways to and from class.


The worst thing about my university is that it is located in very small town with not very much to do. in order to engage in activity or to host an event you have to drive about thirty minutes out of town. The only source of entertainent is a very small movie theater that is often time overcrowded.


In my opinion, the worst part of Sam Houston is the location. Huntsville is a very small town without many attractions for the students. I feel like a lot of students go home on the weekends to escape the town. Another drawback to the town being so small is the lack of employment opportunities for students.


The only thing that I can really complain about is all the hills on campus. They can make it a challenge to walk to class at first.


Parking. Sam Houston has a terrible parking situation.


The parking is horrendous! We are one of the fastest growing universities in the state of Texas and our university seems to not realize with that demands more parking! I have to budget for about 20 minutes for just finding a parking spot!


The housing situation at Sam Houston is not my favorite. Although, I hear that Sam offers some of the best living arrangements in Texas I feel as if more housing is needed. By the time I got around to selecting my dorm I was picking from the scraps.


The worst thing about my school is the location. I live in Austin texas, a big city compared to the small town of Huntsville. There isn't much to do there which can get you into a lot off trouble especially since the town is based on law enforcement. You just have to take extra precautions to stay out of trouble I feel.


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The worst thing about my school would have to be the parking, which is so hard to find. Besides that, the town is very small and there's not much to do off campus. Other than that though, I love it here.


There is one thing I can say that I really do not like about Sam Houston. The major problem we seem to have is not having bike-friendly trails. I was considering buying a bike before I came to Sam, but when I got here the campus was so small that I didn't need to. The only downside is the activities that are hosted usually block the route to all of my classes so that makes it difficult to travel on foot, so having a bike would make it ten times easier to move to and fro on campus.


The worst thing is the Bearkat Learning Program. I see no benefit for the students and the campionships between the dorm houses are slim to none. The coordinator shows favoritism between the students, which makes it difficult to talk to him/her over certain issues within the dorm houses.


It is a long drive from my house. I found it difficult to make it to classes on time because of the time slots that were offered and the long commute.


Everyone goes home on the weekends and it makes it kind of boring to be here all alone.


It's very hard to get around without a car, and parking is a headache not to mention that parking stickers are continuing to go up.


The parking situation at Sam is horrible because students who live in the dorms are driving to class. But I don't know if those students can be completly to blame. There are sometimes plenty of spots to park (with reduced rate permits available) but they are "too far" for most. No matter the cause, it is still very difficult to go back and forth from campus and off campus lab locations during the day.


Perhaps just the location and the availability of the jobs on the south part of Houston, and trying to make it on time.


The worst thing about Sam Houston is the hills! After traveling up one hill, there is another one waiting at the top. The largest hill sits right at the edge of campus where the most populated dorm area is, perfect for making that morning trek to your classes an amazing work-out!


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid. The counselors told me I was expected to receive nearly $8,000 in refunds back to me, but I only received $3,000. I am unable to pay rent and after paying my bills I am left with under $2,000 to last me until August. They are not understanding of my financial situation and would not give me the information I needed to help pay for my necessities.


I think that my school should offer more majors. They only have pre-pharmacy and pre-nursing, and that isn't very helpful to those who want those as their majors. Sam Houston is a good school, and a lot of people may one to come here, but get turned around because their complete major isn't offered. More than likely they would have to transfer schools to complete their major.


The worst thing about the school is the mobility, for those who are not use to living on this campus might consider an inconvience not to be able to drive to uyour classes. If you live on campus you can only park in resadence areas unless it is after 5 p.m.


I haven't really found any problems with attending SHSU, other than the fact that the school is quite large and it takes awhile to get to class. I haven't attened long enough to find out what any problems are with the school.


The school is built on a hill. I mean the campus is beautiful. Its just that when you are tired after a long day of classes you don't really want to walk up a big hill to get home. But the upside to that is that you have really nice legs.


Advising. Know your degree plan, because sometimes they tell you to sign up for the wrong classes.


Well its pretty simple, they don't have a men's varsity soccer team. They just have club soccer which isn't that big. But it would be much better if they had a real big soccer program at this university.


The subject that frustrates me the most about Sam Houston would be its miss communication between departments. I understand that each department runs separately, because otherwise it would just be crazy. Though the past two semesters that I have attended Sam, both advisers that I took advice from sent me in two deferent directions. From what I can put together, I think that the requirements for each major are adjusted frequently from the top, then there is a lag of time from when that information reaches down to the people who advise me.


The worst thing about this school is the length of the semester. It generally starts at the same time or before other colleges, and ends later. I wish that it followed the same semester length as other schools.


The worst thing about my school is that since it is in a small town, access to the things normally accessible in a big city are very limited. So most students leave town on the weekend and go to Houston or Dallas and return on Sunday.


When it comes to complaints about Sam Houston State University the complaints are not anywhere near the severity of the word worst. The only thing that I would improve if the chance arouse is the dining options. When you buy a meal plan you are restricted to two places to use that at. They have other places to eat on campus but the meal plan does not work there. I would make the meal plan more versatile.


The worst thinkg about my school is that it does not have a large variety of majors. It doesn't offer any pre-med degrees or law degrees. If somebody wanted to major in either field, they would only be able to spend two years at the most at this school. On the other hand, it is one of the best schools to attend for education, business, or psychology.


The worst thing about the school in my opinion is the town the school is located in doesn't have many things that a college student would enjoy. For instance there aren't many places for us students to hang out at off campus but that is because the school is in a small town. My college located in a small town is a good thing because it doesn't have many distractions which can easily sidetrack college students.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of help whenever there are car needs. One time I had a flat tire, and needed a jack to lift up my car to change it to my spare. I asked for help to the people around and staff that worked on campus, but I did not get the help. I had to wait there for 3 hours to wait for someone to come pick me up.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the entire financial system. I feel as if there are many 'hidden' fees and that, although there is an itemization list, some charges should not have to apply to eveyone. Also, financial aid and all the workings behind it are not explained properly. The internet system, SamWeb, students must use to keep track of personal, scholastic, and financial records is also an issue. It is very tricky to use and hides many important applications most students need, such as the meal plan and housing selection section.


The worse thing about the school to me in my opinion is not even the campus itself but the city that the school is located in doesnt have many things to do. Which is not really something that is that cant be worked around mot have many things to do allows me to be able to focus solely on my academics. Overall I really have no complaints about the campus.


I love my school. The only thing is I wish we had a more diverse selection of professors. In regards to race.


The worst thing about my school is that some of the professor do not really care about your learning. Some of them only care about getting the work done and do not put any effort into helping the kids learn. Also, the campus has a lot of kids and there are not even close to enough parking spots for commuters.


Some of the dorms are too old and small


lack of housing choices


The amount of drinking.


The parking! Parking is an issue at most schools I have attended. There needs to be some serious thought put into how a school will hold a mass amount of cars. If they dont have enough parking they should not enroll anymore students!


Advisement is horrible


The school is a suitcase campus. That means that anytime there is a break, or a weekend, or a day off, over 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the campus bolts. There is usually nothing happening on the weekends, and almost nothing to do.


Race is always an issue with the black people. Slow to include outside races and quick to be a victim.


I get absolutely no financial aid, and I really really need it. Plus, most ethnicities tend to band together and often claim that others are "racist".


parking for students who commute is really bad. The campus is really dark at night, meaning if you have a night class there are not many lights on campus so it does not feel very safe.


It was quite far from any big city.


The fact that there is little to do on the weekends


The worst thing about Sam Houston is the parking on campus. You pay $60 for a parking sticker and you will have to drive around for about 30 minutes to find a place to park, and you will not be able to park close to your class.


I believe the food to be the worst thing on campus. I wish there were more healthy choices for me. I never ever eat the junk food, but I sometimes have to just eat a salad because there is nothing else good to eat.


The worst part about this school is that there's too much focus on fraternity and sorority life. For that reason I believe it has caused our school to be considered "a party school". There's two nights a week that everyone goes out and parties and then they pack up on the weekend and go home. Lame.